Friday, September 5, 2014

Torn by H.M. Ward Review

"Ivy's life is torn apart when her plan to save Collin goes horribly wrong. Having descended into the deepest pits of Hell, she risks everything to save him, but nothing could have prepared her for what she encounters. Weak and wounded, Ivy must overturn her dark destiny and face the possibility that she may lose true love forever."

Okay, Torn is a better than the first book, Demon Kissed. The only redeemable element of the entire book is perhaps the writing and the plot. I'm not kidding. Those are the only two redeemable parts. Everything else (from the characters to the pacing) is just not worth it. Thanks to her fascinating plot, I'm addicted to some parts of the book but not other parts.

It is official now. Eric is a jerk. He is now a Valefar with a lot of darkness. But also with a bit of light. There is hope in him, but I'm not to focused on that. Eric is Eric. He is a jerk (and not redeemable so far, but we'll see how it goes). 

Collin, the other love interest of Ivy Taylor, makes everything even more complicated. There is there an air of mystery surrounding him. Even though he is Ivy's former best friend, Ivy doesn't know everything about him. Not even his real character traits. In fact, everything about him is open to debate. But I'm not going to be debating about him. He is not worth it.

In fact, none of the characters are truly worth it. The only exception is the nun, Al. She is a Seer, someone who can see the future. As an old woman, she holds much wisdom and is pretty much the guide of Ivy, Eric, and probably even Collin.

And don't get me started on Ivy Taylor. This is a girl who is just plain stupid. Bella Swan-ish. No, she is pretty much Mary Sue Poots.

The plot continues on strong. It is really addictive (and I'm really desperate for some books). I can't stop reading even though Ivy Taylor makes a bunch of stupid decisions and can't see the most obvious things. What is this girl? Blind? Could had fooled me.

The writing, on the other hand, is good. It is fairly easy to read, and I don't get too much of a headache like some other books.

Overall, Torn (the third book in this series) is the best so far. But compared to other books of the same genre, it is probably the worse. On the bright side, the angels are coming.

Rating: Three out of Five

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