Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shadow Wave by Robert Muchamore Review

"After a tsunami causes massive devastation to a tropical island, its governor sends in the bulldozers to knock down villages, replacing them with luxury hotels.

Guarding the corrupt governor’s family isn’t James Adams’ idea of the perfect mission, especially as it’s going to be his last as a CHERUB agent. And then retired colleague Kyle Blueman comes up with an unofficial and highly dangerous plan of his own.

James must choose between loyalty to CHERUB, and loyalty to his oldest friend."

I don't like the ending of James Adam's long adventure. I really wanted him to die. I'm not kidding. I kind of don't like him, because of his cheating ways and dim-witted mind. All he can think about is his ding dong. I know, for one, that Kerry should had dumped him faster than ever, but oh well. I'm finally done with this series. Thank goodness.  

Shadow Wave is nothing like James Bond or Alex Rider. This is the last one, and it is perhaps the weirdest of them all. Think of it as propaganda. Or somewhere close to it. Or think of it as Leverage and things like that (Burn Notice, and some episodes of White Collar totally count). I'm sure there are more examples. Helping the little people who are overrunned by the rich and powerful. These MI5 agents can help bring them "leverage." 

As I said before, James Adam does not die. However, he does lie to his girlfriend (whose name I am not telling you for spoiler purposes) about his latest plans/schemes. And surprisingly (for once), it does not involve the skirt of some random woman/girl. To this, I have to say that I am impressed by James' will in resisting those "manly urges." (Mulan, if you didn't know). And I'm not talking about "fixing things, cook outdoors" or those other things.

(I think it is rather obvious that I'm referencing a lot of things. Please ignore them if you can. If you don't want to or you want to test your memory, go right ahead and guess where these things, these quotes come from). 

Shadow Wave is shorter than the previous books of the same series. Honestly, it is an odd ending, and it proves little other than the fact that James is loyal to his friends (which is obvious from the very beginning) and that Zara (the chairwoman of CHERUB) isn't as strict as the previous chairman/chairwoman (like Dr. Mac). 

Okay, I'm going to say that I am disappointed in the ending. I wish that James Adam died in the end. At least, Kerry and Bethany would be happy. I think Lauren would be happy to have double her inheritance. I think.

Finally, I just want to say that Robert Muchamore has a bunch of weird last names. Onion. Choke. There are a few others, but I'm wondering if that is his inside joke or something like that. I doubt anyone wants to be called "Lauren Choke." Or "James Choke." Can you imagine James Bond introducing himself as "Broccoli. James Broccoli"? Laugh all you like.

Overall, Shadow Wave is okay.

Rating: Three out of Five 

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