Monday, September 22, 2014

An Heiress at Heart by Jennifer Delamere Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"A New Beginning

A youthful indiscretion has cost Lizzie Poole more than just her honor. After five years living in exile, she’s finally returning home, but she’s still living a secret life. Her best friend, Ria’s dying wish was for Lizzie to assume her identity, return to London, and make amends that Ria herself would never live to make. Bearing a striking resemblance to her friend, and harboring more secrets than ever before, Lizzie embarks on a journey that tempts her reckless heart once again . . .

A committed clergyman, Geoffrey Somerville’s world is upended when he suddenly inherits the title of Lord Somerville. Now he’s invited to every ball and sought after by the matchmaking mothers of London society. Yet the only woman to capture his heart is the one he cannot have: his brother’s young widow, Ria. Duty demands he deny his feelings, but his heart longs for the mysterious beauty. With both their futures at stake, will Lizzie be able to keep up her façade? Or will she find the strength to share her secret and put her faith in true love?"

An Heiress At Heart is sort of that kind of book that doesn't have a lot of chemistry between its two leading characters, Lizzie and Geoffrey. I'm not kidding. It is like Bones and Booth. Or Castle and Beckett. Without the chemistry. Without the chemistry. Can't you imagine how boring and annoying that would be? Bones is like in its tenth season while Castle is in its fifth or sixth (I don't watch Castle very much). It would be like all ugh... Why the hell is it still on? That is the same feeling I get when I read An Heiress At Heart, especially close to the middle part. Some parts, I'm just like, do I really have to read this. 

There are a few bright spots though. It is just unfortunate that the chemistry/romance department is quite lacking in strength. 

The plot. That part remains strong and consistent throughout the entire book. Lizzie's problems practically take center stage while Geoffrey moans on about his little problems like a whiny child. "I don't want to take my titles." Whatever. I don't care. And I have no heart to listen to whiny/bratty kids, who may or may not once had been a "committed clergyman." I can tell you that he thinks about that quite a bit.

I'm also going to mention some Christian parts of the book, but it isn't really focused. I mean, there are a few prayers here and there, but the whole thing (if there is a Christian subtext) remains mysterious. And subtle. I didn't notice anything too big.

And I kind of liked that. Mysterious as ever.

What irked me greatly was the lack of explanation. Yes, I know Lizzie probably came from a bad background, but I do want to know about her from right on. Because things are so annoying and I pretty much was frustrated by the slow approach of answers. Some comes, yes. But the secondary characters were the ones who had to move it along. What happened to the main characters?

Oh, flirting. I forgot.

And what else? Eh... I'm so tired right now. I can't think straight. Um... An Heiress At Heart. Oh, yes. I remember now.

The ending was totally cheesy. It was like Cinderella. The difference was that the midnight bongs of the great bell never rang. That was pretty much it.

Rating: Three out of Five

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