Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brigands M.C. by Robert Muchamore Review

"Every CHERUB agent comes from somewhere. Dante Scott still has nightmares about the death of his family, brutally murdered by a biker gang. Dante is given the chance to become a member of CHERUB, a trained professional with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them."

Why is James always sleeping around with anything that moves? Oh, wait. Because he is practically little James Bond. And now he is even worse.

Okay, I'm going to move on. I shall stop cursing this man... rake. 

Brigands M.C. goes back into the past. This time it employs flashbacks, and other little plot devices to tell the story of a CHERUB agent by the name of Dante Scott. Dante Scott was young when his entire family, well not entirely (if I recall correctly, his young sister named Holly survived the ordeal), was killed by a man who loves Adolf Hitler. And I did you not. That guy really likes him. He has a bunch of history books and relics all about Hitler and the Third Reich. It seemed to me that Muchamore is trying to bring Hitler back from the past. 

Does he do a good job of it? Eh... Hitler, like all other dictators and leaders, are complicated figures. Depending on whose perspective, all leaders seems to be having layers and layers of characteristics. And Hitler is no such exception. His doctor once declared him a sociopath. People of today deems him to be a violent, nasty, evil, vile, and insane man. I'm sure his wife, Eva, has other ideas. Okay... I have to stop now. Basically, I'm going to go with this. The man who distinctively reminds me of Hitler is somewhat loved by his family, greatly feared by his people, and hated by nearly all persons of enough wit and intelligence. So I think Muchamore did an okay job of it. Very okay job of it.

And I will stop debating about this Hitler wannabe, because this is going too far.

James Bond... I mean James Adam is still sleeping around. And it seems like he may or may not be trying to get back to a certain someone. But I'm not going to say who. Until James matures, I'm never rooting for him. I will, however, root for Hitler Wannabe as long as he manages to kill James. Unfortunately, no. James Adam never learns his little lessons. 

I need more Lauren. She is awesome, and I like her much better than James. Unlike James, Lauren can be thought of as the good kid. With a few bad spots here and there. But she is really good. Unfortunately, James never liked his sister in the beginning. 

James needs anger issue management. I forgot about that.

Overall, Brigands M.C. can be skipped over unless you don't want to miss Dante Scott's history. Dante Scott isn't a particularly a big character in the CHERUB series, but you can read it. It isn't necessary. Even if you don't read it, I bet you can understand the next book in the series.

Rating: Three out of Five

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