Saturday, September 6, 2014

Satan's Stone by H.M. Ward Review

"A single stone can heal the Sapphire Serum that's poisoning Ivy Taylor and destroy the powerful demon who is hunting her—but she has to find it first. Forced into an alliance with her worst enemy, Ivy searches for Satan's Stone. But she learns that the cost of using the stone's power may be more than she can pay. If Ivy fails to retrieve the stone in time, she risks losing more than her soul and her true love—she risks the annihilation of the world."

Someone please tell me why the fate of the world lies in the hands of a single girl. Oh, yeah. I remember why. Because the plot demands it. Dang it.

Satan's Stone, the fourth book in the series, has nothing to do with Lucifer or the devil. Well, technically, it does have things to do with the King of Hell, but there is no Lucifer sadly. (Sorry, I'm part of that fandom which loves Lucifer. The only fandom that likes Lucifer. Supernatural, anyone? The actor of Lucifer, Mr. P., is brilliant.) So there are angels, demons, two boys, and Ivy Taylor in between. (Honestly, why is the fate of the entire world in a single girl's hands?)

Ivy Taylor is still stupid. And now, the author is trying to cover up her stupidity. Just don't. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. Or a stupid duck. No, it is a stupid duck. (Metaphor time!)

Now onto those two guys:

Eric is officially a jerk. And Collin is even worse, but I'll explain that later because Collin takes too much time (especially if I tell spoilers, gasp!) Anyway, Eric is pretty much a douchebag with a lot of anger issues. That is the easiest way for me to sum it up without getting into spoilers. Maybe there might be daddy issues (aka: God), but it really hasn't been touched on. Oh, crap. That was a major spoiler, if you know what I mean.

Collin is a lying son of a ding dong. He lied about nearly everything. Tell me why he is a good friend of Ivy Taylor? On the second thought, they belong together.

And my thoughts on these two guys? They are way too old for Ivy Taylor. Eric is at least two thousand years old (and maybe even more). Collin is younger in the years, but he is still seven hundred or more years older than Ivy. Someone has a thing for old guys? 

Okay, that was just the wrong thing to say. And weird thing to say.

Overall, Satan's Stone is okay. It is bad in characters, because none of the characters have a consistent character trait. I'm not kidding. None of them are stable, and at least two of them have bipolar personality. And Shannon. Don't get me started on her, too. The only thing good is the plot. That is it.

So done!

Rating: Three out of Five

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