Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tunnel Vision by Susan Shaw Review

"On her way home one evening, Liza has to force her way through a group of men in a train underpass. She doesn’t think anything of it, but when her mom is shot dead moments later, Liza’s world turns upside down. Even worse, Liza was really the target. Only hours after her mother’s death, Liza is nearly killed again and she and her dad are placed in the witness protection program. Leaving everything she's ever known behind, Liza and her dad pick up and move, never staying in one place for long. It's too big of a risk--and Liza's worst fear is realized when she gets recognized. The would-be killer is still on their trail, so all Liza ad her dad can do is keep running. Unsure whom to trust and where to go, they're just trying to stay alive."

I should had abandoned this book. But I didn't. I was hoping it will get better, but it didn't.

Road Trip with a bunch of killers and a delusion girl and her dad. They are running for their lives, away from everyone including the FBI. 

Doesn't it sound awesome? I thought so too, until I was at the halfway mark of the book. Then I realized how boring and dry this book is. Tunnel Vision may seem promising, but fails to deliver a good and addiction story. I fell asleep for the second half of the book, so don't ask me what happened in that part. I will not remember it, even for my own life. I will make up an awesome plot, involving high speed chasing and all that stuff instead. 

It's probably why Tunnel Vision doesn't have a sequel. That's right, it doesn't have a sequel because of how horrible it is. Look at the fellow reviews and take a look if they agree with me. The plot is so mundane and there's no arguments. Well, Liza has arguments in her mind, but that doesn't really count. There's no arguments with her dad. No face-off with the gang, or at least with Liza and the gang (sorry, Dad v. the gang doesn't count. Most of the details of the fight was rather blurry). 

What's even crazier is that the gang is going after Liza for a witness to a murder she doesn't even remember. Yes, that's right. A murder she doesn't even remember. How stupid is that? Stab. Stab. That's something you would notice right? But not Liza. She doesn't even remember anything. Someone else had to tell her what exactly was going on.

The villain, or the true villain, never appears. Apparently, there's a boss behind all of this and he never even appeared. Never even appeared. There was no heart to heart talks with the bad guys or anything. I was sorely disappointed in the number of illusions Liza had. Basically everyone is the enemy in her eyes. She's very delusional. 

The ending made me slap a hand to my face. I just can't believe that book ended like that. We will continue living and surviving for the rest of our lives, with or without the help of the FBI. Safety matters more. I'm pretty sure that the FBI has to watch over them when they are in witness protection. Send in an agent or something like that. Maybe the FBI gave up on them too, after realizing how off Liza was.

Liza herself was a big yellow warning. I'm not sure why she didn't spend more time mourning, but she was running for her life. Less tears, more running. I guess that's the motto of Tunnel Vision.

Rating: One out of Five

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