Thursday, January 2, 2014

Magenta Rave by Janna Zonder Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"Magenta Rave is one mad woman, and she's on the loose in Atlanta. She picks up recently released, convicted sex offenders in bars. The men leave thinking they're about to have a night they will never forget, and that much is true. She doesn't kill them. She just makes them wish they were dead. But who is Magenta Rave? Is she more than one woman? On different occasions, eyewitnesses describe her as a petite blonde, a loud, buxom redhead, or an awkward, boyish brunette. One thing's for certain, she's had enough. Sexual assaults against women and children have driven her to the breaking point, and she's on mission from God to even the score. Gorgeous, multicultural Detective Simone Rosenberg and her good-hearted, good-old-boy partner, Marty Sloan, are assigned the case. Their investigation takes them into a world of damaged women, paramilitary wackos, and the outer boundaries of their own hearts and minds. This fast-paced, character-rich novel may cause you to examine your beliefs about sexual violence and open your heart to survivors. It will definitely keep you guessing until the end."

The first thought I think is: So glad that it's over! Just by reading the synopsis, I bet most of you guys are wary of my review.

It's okay. Don't read my review if it makes you partially uncomfortable. (The synopsis didn't make me uncomfortable, but it still make me really weird after I finish the book). 

(Going to be a short review. Sorry, I'm kind of busy. And I'm a little weirded out by this book. Last chance to ditch this review). 

Magenta Rave has to be the oddest book I'd read this year. No, scratch that. In my lifetime. I spend most of the time skipping pages because I was so awkward during the reading process. I even felt sorry for the people who saw me reading this book. (Yeah, totally awkward). Magenta Rave is overall neutral, but totally awkward. In my book, that is going to be graded as docked off points. 

The mad woman who called herself Magenta Rave is pretty much a woman of revenge. She targets convicted sex offenders, cutting off their gonads after their little encounter. 

Let me repeat that. CUT OFF THEIR GONADS. 

My mother once explain to me that it's inhumane to cut off gonads. In my old bio teacher's opinion, it's not inhumane to cut off gonads. He thinks it's like cutting off the parts of a dog, preventing it from having mini-mes. What do I think? I rather not admit my opinion, but instead tell other's opinion. 

Anyway, Magenta Rave's (not the madwoman) plot is farfetched. I feel like Magenta Rave is broken into pieces, only to be put back together when it's the right moments. Then again, I was skipping pages (skimming more like, in order not to miss many details) because of how red my face was. 

Leave it to a murder-mystery book to be the one making your face blush scarlet. (Great job. Evoking emotions out of a cold reader). 

Rating: Three out of Five

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