Saturday, January 4, 2014

Phoenix Legacy by Corrina Lawson Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"A man too dangerous to live. A woman whose survival depends on forgiving him.

The Phoenix Institute, Book 2

Philip Drake is immortal by virtue of a psychic power that heals all but the worst injuries. He’s needed every bit of it as a black ops agent, a life so violent that the line between pain and pleasure is tangled up in his head.

When he walks away from the CIA, the last thing he expects is to discover someone stole his DNA to create a race of super-healers. And that the expectant mother is a woman from his past who’d consider it her pleasure to spit on his grave.

One moment, Delilah Sefton is listening to a seriously hot, seriously deranged man giving her some half-baked explanation as to why she’s pregnant with no memory of how she got that way. The next, armed men swarm into her bar, and she and Mr. Sexy-Crazy are on the run.

Safety at the Phoenix Institute is only temporary, but it’s long enough to put the pieces together. A madman plans to steal her son in a plot to take over the world. And to stop him, she must learn to trust the baby’s father—a man she blames for her greatest loss.  

Warning: This novel contains fast cars (that are driven), numerous guns (that are shot), a hero who prefers pain over love, and a heroine determined to fight for those she loves."

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Now you read the synopsis (if you are reading this from my blog, not my Goodreads account), you should move on.

There's no need to read the first Phoenix Institute book. There's a good fast recap whenever something from the past comes up (sorry, this is going to be fast review. I'm on the fast track today. Party, party, and party. New Years kind of stuff). 

Okay. Let's break it down (before my laptop shuts down because of the freaking timer).

The Phoenix Legacy is a fast paced book, with events that quickly jump from one to another one. Now, some parts don't make sense because need to read those parts yourself because if I tell you, I'll be telling you spoilers. Anyway, The Phoenix Legacy isn't the first of its kind. There's many like it and definitely there's some written better than this book. If you ask me, The Phoenix Legacy is perhaps a little bit above average. 

The characters however hit below average. Some of them, like the semi-dimwitted Delilah Sefton, are a bit questionable, while others, like Phillip Drake, are more active and smarter until the author decides that they need to be dumb. (If the message of this book is "Love makes you dumb" then you can skip this paragraph. But I highly doubt it is). 

Delilah Sefton does not, does not I repeat, follow any instincts of a raped victim. That's the first thing I'll say about her. She is not written correctly, but only written correctly to push forward the plot. Second, I really love the motherly touch she has when she first saw her child through ultrasound. Amazing what technology can do. 

Finally, the plot. As I said before, I wish the plot will follow the course of the story rather than focus on some icky moment with the lovebirds. Okay, maybe I'll scratch that. I wish the plot will be push forward by the characters rather than the villains. 

Rating: Three out of Five

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