Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tea Leafing by Weezie Macdonald Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"What if you had to live life anonymously? Hide your job? Know your friends by pseudonyms? Be vigilant to make sure you aren’t being watched or followed? This is life for our four main characters, Sam, Grace, Birdie, and Mary Jane. They are exotic dancers living in Atlanta, and life is pretty good until one of their own is murdered.

In their search for the murderer, they uncover a darkness lurking just below the surface. Not everyone is who they seem, and the culprit is much too close for comfort.

Tea Leafing weaves a fast-paced thriller in with a true insider's look at the world of exotic entertainment."

Tea Leafing is a rather long book after a rather long weekend. Running around four hundred pages or something like that, I spent most of my Saturday (yeah, it was awhile ago) trying to finish the book without being seen by relatives. You know relatives right? Those are the people who are trying to talk to you and draw you away from your reading roll. 

Tea Leafing has nothing to do with tea leafing. It's not a predicting the future story. It's more of a con story. Four dancers conning their boss because of some pretty nasty things he did. Okay, I'm putting it in a very nice way. Let's just say he makes people flirt with death. 

Very nice, isn't it?

Tea Leafing is an odd book. It's quite long for my taste (and yes, I do have taste. I may have a look of preferences, but I do have taste). Four hundred pages is rather too long for me. I can't spend a weekend trying to finish this book. 

Oh, well. I just did.

I'm surprised that the author didn't expand very much into the four main characters. The characters who were the most 3D are perhaps Birdie and Grace. Sometimes the author doze off to another character, who is only 2D. 2D characters include the boss, another dancer, and a few other people, who are really into dancing and murder. So lesson learned from this book: When you have a lot of characters, make sure you explore them. There isn't anything I hate more than 2D main characters. (Lie: I do hate spiders more than 2D main characters. I'll take 2D main characters over those nasty hairy creatures. I just don't...ugh!) 

The plot is insane, but sort of good for the most parts. I don't even know what some parts...Okay, definitely this book needs some quick revising on plot holes. I have no idea how this book got this guy...

Rating: Three out of Five

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