Monday, January 19, 2015

Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger Review

"Sophronia continues second year finishing school in style -- with a steel-bladed fan secreted in the folds of her ball gown. She, best friend Dimity, sweet sootie Soap, and charming Lord Felix Mersey stow away on train to return classmate Sidheag to her werewolf pack in Scotland. No one suspects what or who would be aboard the suspiciously empty train."

I suck. And now I have to wait another year for this book, because the next book is just... too far away. It is a year, right? Oh, well. I'm sure it would be something like that. Goodreads fixing their servers would still be faster than the coming of the sequel's publication date. 

(And that was a pain this morning, wasn't it? Goodreads going down and some weird message about a possible malware going on... Awful. Just awful). 

Anyway, I need to talk about Lord Mersey. Felix Mersey. Whatever you call him. Because I need to talk about him. I seriously need to talk about this love triangle, but I always believe that it will be him in the end. Even though he is slightly (that is an underestimation of the year) political. Even though he is a Pickleman (is that how you spell it?), and Sophronia hates Picklement (seriously, is that how you spell it?). 

It is all complicated, but when you throw Soap into it, it all goes insane. What is right? I don't know. What is wrong? Huh? What wrong? 

So hard. I hate it when love triangles are like that, but I feel like I have to talk about this one. Soap is sweet, but he is starting to mature (which is good in my book as a love interest). Felix is a bit more snobbish in this book, but he is still Felix. I'm torn apart from the two, and at the ending, I thought I was totally on Soap's side until... ahhh! There is hints that Felix (spoilers, spoilers) doesn't want Sophronia to get hurt. But it is all complicated, because Felix's father is involved and everything is crazy. 

(End spoilers). 

In my opinion, it will probably be Felix in the end (because there is still a chance for him, and Soap is a puzzle). But we'll see. (A love triangle is always a fun guessing game, but I love it whenever someone suggests polyandry). 

In the long run, I think Waistcoats & Weaponry is an okay book. Compared to the previous two, this one fails expectations. (Seriously, I expected much more from Gail Carriger, but she does manage to save it in the end). Plus, the humor in this book is starting to get... less humorous? I feel like there is a surprising less number of humorous situation, and that everyone (from the main character to the supporting characters) is starting to mature. 

So what does this make up in the long run? 

Well, I want to know what happens in the next book. So dibs on that! Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the next book would be an improvement. 

Rating: Three out of Five

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