Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Native Tongue by Shannon Greenland Review

"GiGi is back again and on a brandnew mission in the fourth book in this original series Lovable GiGi is pairing up with expert linguist Darren, aka Parrot, on a mission to South America. When a centuries-old vase is found in a cave full of hieroglyphics, it is discovered that this vase was important to at least fifteen different North American and South American Indian tribes. And now all fifteen nations want it back. They are meeting in Rutina, South America, to decide who gets the vase. Enter the Specialists, and Parrot who will go as the official translator. And when no one can decode the ancient cave writings, not even the elders of each nation, GiGi comes to the rescue. Of course there's a hitch. One of the tribal chiefs attending the meeting in Rutina is connected to Parrot's past in a very bad way. The question is, will Parrot be able to face his past and complete the mission, or will the vase and the fate of the Native American nation fall into the wrong hands?"

Native Tongue is a thriller about espionage and James Bondish things. This time, Greenland focuses on another part of the group. This time, it is Parrot, who is an expert on languages and tongues. He is a bit darker than GiGi, but not as dark as Frankie who witnessed the death of his family (which is tragic, of course). Oh, I should always mention Beaker. She had it pretty easy compared to the boys. And what is up with this? Boys and tragic history? What is going on with this? First, David. Then Frankie. Now Parrot. Oh, I can also add... Oh, wait. I can't. I know next to nothing about Mystic.

Native Tongue is fun to read book. It is a great summer read. I really enjoyed it while spending time at Camp. It kept boredom off my back. That was a good perk. However, I would had really like it if GiGi went into more details about technology and other stuff. Usually, the way I learn things is by reading books. People may claim that reading is useless, but I think it has a hidden secret. You can actually learn while reading. While learning, you can read. Isn't that a fun twist? Yeah, I read something about that play of words (learning and reading).

Okay, GiGi is seriously getting on nerves now. What was she thinking? I never thought that GiGi was the one to cheat, after all she is loyal, trustworthy, great, and the local psychiatrist (but that is not the point of this paragraph). Okay, she didn't really cheat, but kissing another guy while having a boyfriend defines as cheating. So therefore, I'm contradicting myself. Go math! Now, I will stop, but GiGi! She is getting on my nerves!

David sadly rarely is seened.

Quirk is the guy she kissed. Well, that depends on the story you hear from. Quirk thinks he kissed GiGi. GiGi thinks he kissed her. I think they both kissed, because they wanted to. So I guess my reasoning is partially biased and therefore should not be part of the final rating. Shall I say "Go Math!" again?

Now, I really am thinking about conspiracy theories. It is mentioned that GiGi's mother's body has never been found. I can't wait to find out the truth about GiGi's mother's death. Honestly, I hope that she isn't dead, but that is only a dream. Ian Rider was dead by the end of Stormbreaker. How he died in the movie of Stormbreaker is depressing.

Overall, Native Tongue is fun. If you can stand GiGi's whining.

Rating: Four out of Five

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