Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Goldstrike: A Thriller by Matt Whyman Review

"Carl Hobbes may have escaped from Camp Twilight—the most secure military prison in the northern hemisphere—but now he’s being pursued by a ruthless bounty hunter and an Al-Qaeda assassin. Wanted dead by one and alive by the other, he must call upon his skills as a manipulator of both systems and people to survive. With no second chances available, can he play one enemy against the other in his bid to live another day? Packed with action and a plot that doesn’t quit, Goldstrike is a riveting teen thriller in the vein of Anthony Horowitz and James Patterson."

I gave this series a second chance. Honestly, I was quite disappointed by the first book, because there was barely any action. *Thinking back* Yeah, little action. 

Goldstrike continues the journey of Carl Hobbes, an infamous computer hacker. It is fun and interesting, especially in the beginning. Carl Hobbes is making trouble for the CIA while pleasing his girlfriend, Cat. I think her name is Cat. (I don't care much about her, after what she did to Carl in this book. She is just like Parker from Leverage). No one should ever break the hearts of nerd boys. They are cute, too.

Carl Hobbes' character is explored even further. After seeing death, he is running from a bunch of people like the CIA and an assassin along with a few people of her party. He is clever, but he is bound to make a mistake. It is quite interesting to see how much he cares for people and how easily he forgives. Plus, he is exactly like the classic hacker. He always wants to break open something, just to figure out what makes it tick. Cleopatra is the name of that system, and she is just like the Steranko from Leverage. Oh, yes. I'm making points by alluding to television shows that are off air. Still doesn't mean I can't use them.

I have to get this out of the way. The last line of Goldstrike is gold. Let me tell you that the CIA is most certainly involved along with Cleopatra and a new friend of Hobbes (whose head is worth twenty million dollars alive). That is my favorite line of the entire book. That is the most favorite line out of this week's batch of books.

The CIA remains as clueless as ever in Goldstrike. I doubt they will be happy by this portrayal of them, but that is all plot.

Overall, I give this series of two books a thumbs up. It is great, and there is a lot of action. When there is a crazy assassin after our main character, you know that it is going to get fairly interesting. When there is also a bounty hunter, you know it has to be interesting. When the CIA is involved, well... That is a bit complicated. I mean, the book is going to get a bit complicated. And exciting! You can't forget about that part.

Second chance well-deserved!

Rating: Four out of Five

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