Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Farewell to Charms by Lindsey Leavitt Review

"Desi Bascomb is a princess substitute prodigy--she's the fastest employee ever to advance to level three in the Facade Agency, and the youngest to ever be a full-time sub. But now with all eyes on Desi, the only thing she wants is a moment alone to talk to Reed, who's a Facade legacy and secretly a sub for princes As Desi trains for her new role, she spies more than a few cracks in Facade's perfect appearance. But uncovering the agency's dark past might require more than a princess sub can handle by herself. Desi is no damsel in distress, but sometimes a girl needs a knight in shining armor."

The book isn't what you think it is to be. Farewell to Charms is surprisingly delightful after all those many twists and turns. Desi, as usual, is amazing and hilarious while her Prince Charming remains mysterious as ever. Still, it is a wonderful story for most young readers. I guess their age to be from young preteen (twelve) to older teens (sixteen). Really, there is no age range or restriction when it comes to reading books, but those ranges above are only a suggestion.

But it is still funny. Even though Prince Charming remains mysterious. By the end of Farewell to Charms, the author pulls the best plot twist of the trilogy. I will give you one hint. Just the tiniest hint: "Nothing ever really ends." I remember that line from Swan Song of Supernatural. Chuck (God) was awesome as a character of the Supernatural.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Enough fangirl-ing.

Fourteen year old Desi is mature for her young and tender age. (And I still think she is way too young to have a boyfriend, but that isn't very important right now. It is just a thought). Her moral code isn't twisted or corrupted like the rest of the group, and she does not value eye shadow over what is right. Girls, we do have to admit that the blue eyeshadow looks good in the box, but never on the eye, right? Oh, my goodness. I'm turning vain!

Okay, I'll stop now.

The Prince Charming is a very confusing character. The author does an excellent job of throwing me off the scent and sending good red herrings. Yeah, I got off-traced. Can you believe it? Anyway, he is as classy as most Prince Charmings from Disney movies, and according to Desi, he is very cute. And I do have a soft spot for adorable boys like most girls. Remember, they are just like puppies. Only they don't drool (unless you got unlucky) and they don't yap as much (unless you got very unlucky).

The storyline is very entertaining. I love how Desi figures out everything. And I do, of course, love the fairy tale ending. Oh, yes. It is a "Happily Ever After" ending for Desi, Meredith, Desi's friend, and Desi's adorable Prince Charming.

(Oh, I should also mention that I forgot Prince Charming's real name. That is why I insist on calling him "Prince Charming." His real name is Reed).

After all this time, it is time for me to say farewell to this series/trilogy. And every moment is indeed magical as Facade.

Rating: Four out of Five

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