Thursday, July 31, 2014

Boys of the Fatherless by David C. Riggins Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"Abandoned by his father, Danny Roberts struggles to find his way through the confusion of adolescence and developing sexuality. Danny finds comfort in the words of Dave, the man that becomes his mentor and discovers true love in the green eyes of Sarah but not every story has a happy ending and the citizens of Fatherless may have to wait a generation for their freedom."

Boys of the Fatherless is surprisingly more boring than I thought it would be. Its plot may be quick, but the story is way too boring. Even the main character is too boring. You think there would be a bit more action, but there isn't a lot.

It took me awhile to finish that book of 100+ pages. Other than being filled with errors, the plot of Boys of the Fatherless is a bit dry. Honestly, the author could improve, but he needs a bit more excitement, a lot more tension, better character building, and some editing. Scratch that. A lot of editing before it met publication. And a more fat. The book is all bones and blood, nothing else. It needs flesh, something I can chew. I'm not a damn dog who bites bones. Nah. I prefer a bit more meat. Tasty ones.

(That was a metaphor, in case you can't see it).

Oh, this is a bit boring to some of you. This review, I mean. I"ll try to make this work.

The main character, Danny is a bit annoying. Okay, that is me being nice. Yes, his sexuality is developing and there were some moments of creepiness in the book, but mostly, he talked about girls, his future (or lack of one), the government (not the United States), and his life. His development is a bit irritating, like I said before. It is so slow. Snail's pace. Like snail mail. And he ages so quickly in a 100+ pages book. Like Peter Pan, he still remains confused at twenty-two. He still grows physically but slowly mentally. Oh, and he is a douche. Just a douche. Plus, he might be a psychopath. For sure, he is an unreliable character like Patrick Bateman. 

Let's see. What else have I forgotten?

I'll admit the ending isn't bad. It just made Danny into a douche. He became someone he didn't expect to become. His father. The wailing of his wife, Sarah, is unnecessary. And ridiculous. The ending is surprising, yes, but Danny had it in him all along. Sorry, I can't really say anything because spoilers. I hate giving away anything crazy or big. Small details? Well, that is okay. But the POV of the last chapter/the ending/resolution is confusing. Was it out of body experience? Or was it simply third person POV?

Rating: One out of Five

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