Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fight to the Finish by Shannon Greenland Review

"Book #5 in the series by Shannon Greenland
Release Date: November 2012

When someone close to TL disappears, The Specialists pull out all the stops. GiGi is brought into another mission along with Bruiser and Mystic. This time, it’s a fight to the finish, and someone doesn’t make it out alive."

Fight to the Finish is a fairly short book despite its status of being the last installment. Honestly, it should had been at least two hundred pages, but oh, well. What is done is already done, like this book and everything else I'd read. (With the exception of ARC books. They still have a chance at redemption).

GiGi returns. This time she comes back with a lot of romantic issues. Randy (also known as Professor Quirk) is causing the barrier between David and GiGi. GiGi, unbeknownst to her, is partially responsible for her actions. David is responsible for his actions while Randy remains a good friend with both of them. I have no idea how they would be good friends, but anything could be possible.

Fight to the Finish stars Bruiser and Mystic this time. Plus, there are some insider's information about TL. There is plus, but I should stop talking about the very fast plot. Instead, I should discuss the book as a whole. Maybe that will help me from talking about spoilers and little details here and there.

Before I talk about the book as a whole, I have to tell you that I'm very disappointed in the ending. I mean that girl in the end is a killer, who is alleged to be involved in manslaughter, murdering people, extortion, and everything else in between.

As a whole, Fight to the Finish is a very exciting read. There are things from fighting to mystical/paranormal intervention. It is all very interesting for a very short book of about one hundred and fifty pages. It is a bit unusually short for a book. It is loads of fun, best for a young reader who doesn't want to read.

Rating: Four out of Five

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