Sunday, July 6, 2014

Down to the Wire by Shannon Greenland Review

"Book 2 of The Specialists

GiGi is back, this time teaming up with electronics specialist Frankie, aka Wirenut, for their next mission. Wirenut has an uncanny knack for breaking into the highest-level security systems that stump even the experts. Which is precisely why he was recruited by the Specialists. So when wealthy entrepreneur Octavias Zorba hires the Specialists to recover a stolen neurotoxin, the head of the Specialists is sure that Wirenut is perfect for the job. But there’s a catch. The computer-coded hints that will lead to the neurotoxin are hidden in a few precious artifacts. And when these hints are found, there is limited time to get them decoded or they will disappear forever. But as GiGi and Wirenut begin their mission, they suddenly find themselves on a fast-paced hunt for the criminal, with time quickly running out…."

Down to the Wire is starting to get personal. It brings in Frankie (Wirenut), who is a thief like Parker from Leverage. He has a much darker past than GiGi. Unlike GiGi, he actually seen someone die. GiGi nearly witnessed her parents die, but her father saved her by putting on the oxygen mask first before his (I mean on the plane; her parents died in a plane crash on route to Canada).

It is wonderful to finally see interactions between GiGi and her team. In the first book, there wasn't that many interactions until Frankie (Wirenut) came along. I mean, David is a different team. He doesn't belong to GiGi's team. He is part of the first Specialists Team. For Frankie, it gets very personal and GiGi tries to cope with that. It only gets personal for her and David when TL (Thomas Liba) shows them something at the end of the book, but that doesn't matter very much because Frankie takes a huge part of the stage until the end. That part was mostly Genius Girl territory.

The plot goes by terribly fast. I quickly dived into the sequel, because I was so addicted to the storyline. Down to the Wire is one of those books that is perfectly made up of espionage, thrilling events, and lots of spunk. It is all that and more.

GiGi is one smart girl. She has grown so much by this book. However, she isn't perfect. She is a bit clumsy, but even that Bella Swan trait is disappearing. Thank goodness. I never had a fondness for Bella Swan. Maybe Edward, but that is a different story. It is part of a story that should had never existed. Anyway, it isn't this story. David and GiGi are no Edward and Bella. Maybe GiGi, but that is the farthest I would go. Thank you ver much. GiGi still has that annoying EQ problem. Hopefully, she is working on that.

GiGi does go a bit undercover like the other two people n the mission, but it wasn't anything too outlandish like that model cover story. Now that was an interesting time for all of them, right? Yeah, it totally was. I totally loved some of the disguises. GiGi is awesome in that book.

I briefly apologize for any spelling error. I am not writing this on a laptop but an iPad. My bad. I take all blame. Thank you for still following along.

The ending of Down to the Wire is good. It leaves on a very good cliffhanger. I can't wait to find out about all those little secrets.

Rating: Four out of Five

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