Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Darkness by Erin Eveland Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"One Girl. One Boy. And the Masters of Darkness. See the Shadow Creatures. They are everywhere. But you can't run from the shadows or the Masters who control them.

Catherine has been born with a supernatural power called Darkness. The Masters of Darkness have found her and it's just a matter of time before someone claims her.

An Interactive Novel
A QR Code starts the beginning of each chapter connecting the reader to specific art or music that ties into the mood and setting of the novel. Using the quick response code in print and eBook formatting, Darkness incorporates visual and sound to heighten the reading experience."

I'm going to tell you that this is very creepy. Darkness is a horror story about one force trying to find their salvations. However, they walk in gray area. I didn't have a chance to use the interactive parts of the book, but I find the experience of reading this novel without it already fine. Truthfully, I think it doesn't need the interactive parts. It is already creepy without additional creepiness like Paranormal scenes and music. 

I'm going to tell you that these Shadow Creatures are very disturbing. Well, they aren't disturbing to me, but from a third POV, it is very disturbing. Kathy's adventures when she was younger reminds me of ghost possession. She is very scary, but when she grows older, she doesn't see things anymore and understands that she lives in a terrible world. The guy, who is keeping her captive, is a creepy guy who is older than her father or anyone on earth. He may say it is for power and hope, but I think there is something wrong with him. Something like demon.

Forgive me for my spoilers. I say so much and reveal too much.

Kathy is a typical teenager. She is scared and frightened, but she tries to hide it. She is lonely for company (doesn't this remind you of something? Say, Shadow and Bone?). When her best friend becomes distant and her mother starts fading away, she is pushed by unseen forces along her path. I say that she is taking it all pretty well for a girl like her. Like what that "demon" said, Kathy has a lot of strength.

The plot goes on strong. There wasn't any moments of failure. It was fast and easy to read despite all that creepiness. Just don't read it at night. The cover will creep you out, and you might mistaken it for a Shadow Creature. The writing isn't too bad, but I think it could improve. Say? Maybe the author can be a bit more interesting? Use more interesting words? Perhaps also use a different font? My eyes can bleed after reading terrible things. Figuratively. 

Overall, I think Darkness is a fascinating book about magic. Well, I think it is magic, but it sounds more like forces and dark magic.

I'll be interested in the sequel. The ending of Darkness is interesting, but it doesn't end as strongly as it could had been.

Rating: Four out of Five

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