Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Tenth Power by Kate Constable Review

"Kate Constable's magnificent musical trilogy reaches its high note as Calwyn returns to Antaris and discovers the true Singer of All Songs.
At the beginning of THE SINGER OF ALL SONGS, Calwyn fled Antaris with Darrow to defeat the ambitious chanter Samis. In THE TENTH POWER, she comes back to the mountains in hopes of rejuvenating her lost powers of chantment. But Samis's magic left terrible scars on Antaris, so Calwyn finds only conflict rather than the peace she craved. Meanwhile, Darrow suffers from a sickness that has sapped his magic as well as his strength--and Samis has returned to continue his quest for the Singer of All Songs. All of Tremaris seems to be dying. How can Calwyn save the land, and finally save them all?"

Yes. This is another book from my to-reads list. Another book off. After this review of The Tenth Power, I'm going to go back to reviewing some of NetGalley books (because I have some books on to-read). Fun stuff.

Let's dig in!

The Tenth Power is the third and final book of The Singer of All Songs. I have to say that cover is mesmerizing. There is something about the woman, the man, and the moon. Something mystical... Hmm... Okay! I'll stop musing over that book cover. I just want to say that it looks really amazing. Incredible, actually. 

The book has several POVs. Surprisingly, I never got lost. Not even once. There is Darrow's POV. Calwyn's (I forgot how weird her name is). Tanno's. I think there is one of Trout's too, but I might be confusing him for Tonno. (Yes, their names are really similar.) (And yes, I'm putting periods inside of parentheses instead of them outsides. I'm changing my personal grammar rules.) (I realize how weird these look to me.) (Okay, I'll stop now.) 

Calwyn and Darrow's parts of the book are easily my favorites. Calwyn, as a character, is slowly evolving. She is becoming different, darker even. It is sort of fascinating to see Calwyn stumble and fall like a newborn. (Yes, it is cruel, too, but...) Some of Calwyn's actions scare me, because she does things for "the greater good." I guess that is not a good time to bring up the other friendly phrase: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." At the same time, Calwyn's words make me want to wrap her up in a blanket. Sometimes, she is just so young... She just seems so young, and her parts with Samis are sickening. (Ignore these "let's wrap up characters in blankets and feed them hot choco" feelings. I have so many feels.)

Darrow doesn't get as big as a part. I'm mostly disappointed that I didn't get to see much of him. He doesn't have a big impact as the rest of the characters (like Mica, Tonno, Keela). I wish that he hasn't been shoved aside like a secondary character. Hello? He is a main character, too. *Waves brightly colored flag* Looks like no one is answering. 

Before I forget, I should also mention that it has been over four years since I read the second book of this series, the Waterless Sea. So my memories are perhaps shaky. 

Overall, The Tenth Power is a solid ending to The Singer of All Songs. Kate Constable manages to close up most (notice the MOST) loose ends, though readers (and Calwyn herself) can't help but wonder if those loose ends... might be continued. There are some parts (like Darrow's parts) that could had expanded, but Constable does manage to shine a light on the smaller characters (and I don't mean in physical appearances).

Rating: Three out of Five

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