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Aimee and the Heartthrob by Ophelia London Review

"He never noticed her before, but now she’s all he can see…

Miles Carlisle is every teen girl’s fantasy. His rugged good looks and exotic British accent have helped catapult his boy band, Seconds to Juliet, to super-stardom. But after two disastrous and very public breakups, Miles isn’t interested in dating just any girl; he wants The One. And the only girl he’s interested in is not only his best friend’s little sister―and off-limits―but won’t even give him the time of day…

As a kid, Aimee Bingham had a huge thing for Miles…until he made fun of her for always tagging along. Now that she’s outgrown both him and her pigtails. the prospect of spending two weeks on tour with the childhood crush who broke her heart isn’t exactly enticing. Except now Miles seems interested. Very interested. And no matter how hard Aimee tries to resist him, her crush is definitely making a comeback.

But everyone knows that falling for a heartthrob is a backstage pass to heartbreak…"

NetGalley! Thanks for the copy.

The band in Aimee and the Heartthrob reminds me of One Direction and hundreds of other boy bands I'd seen (or heard of). Thankfully, I'm not the fangirl of boy bands. (Actually, I don't know how that is good or bad for me...) Anyway, let's get down to business and face the smaller details of this book, which is YA Contemporary (for all of those who are wondering).

The main focus of the book is most certainly romance. Aimee, as said in the synopsis, has a huge crush on Miles. She has done a lot of crazy things, and she is a huge fangirl. A huge, huge, huge fangirl. I'm not even going to go into full details about it, but... Aimee is a character who isn't as strong as she could be, but her dynamic with Miles almost make up for it. They have a very familiar and friendly banter that shows how much chemistry they have with each other. 

Character-wise, I wish the author, Ophelia London, expands a bit more on Aimee and Miles. Aimee, especially. There isn't enough known about her, and there is some great potential there. The chemistry and romance is the driving force of the story (and this book is much more focused on the romance than Aimee's relationships, which are pretty much second and third plots). I wish Ms. London focuses a bit on other characters (maybe give a few more details about the boy band Miles is in). It would be refreshing to see that in the midst of all the Aimee/Miles drama. 

But we can talk romance. Aimee and Miles' relationship gives me "Romeo and Juliet" feels. A lot of people don't want them to be together. Forces are tearing them apart. Some forces are the lovers themselves. Drama level of 10 out of 10? Hmm, I would say 12 out of 10. There is a lot of drama and heartache here. A wild fury of chemistry and sass from beginning to ending. 

Lots of sass. 

The plot goes by quickly and smoothly. It is a nice (and heart-thumping and heart-throbbing) ride, alright. Remember what I said about the drama? Scale of 12/10? It helps that Ms. London manages to make it flow very smoothly and naturally. The story moves nicely. 

The ending? Oh, I have to say that the ending is my favorite part of the entire book (along with the sassy and witty remarks of certain characters). 

Overall, Aimee and the Heartthrob is a romantic book perfect for those who love a good ol' romance (with sass). Some parts of the book such as characterization are lacking, but the romance almost make up for it. Along with the sass. The book goes by really fast, and Aimee and the Heartthrob is a quick read. 

Rating: Three out of Five

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