Monday, April 21, 2014

Story Time by Edward Bloor Review

"George and Kate are promised the finest education when they transfer to the Whittaker Magnet School. It boasts the highest test scores in the nation. But at what price? Their school's curriculum is focused on beating standardized tests; classes are held in dreary, windowless rooms; and students are force-fed noxious protein shakes to improve their test performance. Worst of all, there seems to be a demon loose in the building—one whose murderous work has only just begun.
A bitterly funny satire about the state of modern education from the author of Tangerine and Crusader."

Story Time isn't funny. It's boring, long, and painful to my eyes. I wished I abandoned the book earlier, but I was so hoping it would turn out for the better. Ah! Investment failure. It's a good thing it was only a library book. It would had been burned to ashes by this time. I hated, hated it. It was terrible.

Nevertheless, I shall mention that this is going to be a short review. I'm afraid I would get carried away in insulting this poor author's work. Yes, it does happen. Yes, it has happened before. I don't remember which review, but I'm afraid I done it before. I'll try to make it as painless and quick as possible with a touch of humor. Let's see if I can deliver.

Jack and Jill went up the hill. To be short, I will say that there are demons inside of books. These books are in the private libraries of Whittaker Magnet School. And when someone touches the books, the demons go into the victim and possess them. These demons are rather dangerous. However, it's hard to see that part of them when the victims are dancing to Mother Goose's poems and stories. 

For most of the book, Story Time is very dry. It has the locomotion of a dead cockroach. I disliked most of the book, especially how the author wrote this book. It wasn't really fun or addictive. The only reason I stayed in the murky waters is because of demons. You have to admit that demons in books is sort of creepy. Besides, I was reading it under the blankets, so I wanted something that would scare me into a nightmare. Did it? No, I was so bored...

George is the young uncle of Kate. It's a long story, but let's just say that the family tree is a bit weird. It's just like Once Upon A Time. Poor Henry Mills. His family tree is insane. He's the genius of the family, but he's quite young. He's naive and innocent. But as the book goes on, he becomes a more observant person.

Kate, on the other hand, is a smart kid of the two. She sees how bad the school is. She's more observant, yet she seems to be a little bit submissive when it comes to the words of her parents even though in the beginning of the book, she clearly isn't. It's a bit confusing, I'll admit. I thought Kate's character was quite stable until the ending.

Rating: Two out of Five

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