Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sketchy by Olivia Samms Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"The first book in a series about 17 year old Bea Washington, an edgy, charismatic outsider and recovering addict, who discovers that with her new-found sobriety, she has a disturbing new ?skill? ? an ability to see, and draw, people's thoughts. Alarmingly, these visions are only getting stronger and increasing in frequency. As another girl in school is raped and left for dead, Bea must come to terms with her talent, learn to face her own truth, and try to help identify and stop the killer before he strikes again."

What I like about Sketchy is how troubled Bea is. I know trouble isn't always great, but it does make a good story. 

Let me talk about and explain Bea's problem. She has an addiction to drugs like some teens. However, she has a superpower. She can literally draw the truth out of people. She tries to keep it a secret until a serial rapist/killer comes knocking on doors. Anyway, I'm going to continue about drugs. She's trying to stay sober for as long as possible. She has been sober for three months now. Well, sober as in alcohol. However, it looks like she takes over drugs. Cocaine for one example. Apparently her ex-boyfriend is a drug dealer and drug user, so it certainly does get a bit complicated.

There's no major guy. Although I think there's someone special but too old for Bea. I know she's seventeen, eighteen years old. I think she has feelings for someone much older than her. It's a bit weird, but that guy has a kid. Anyway, I hope I'm reading it wrong. It's a bit weird. I can easily tell you that.

Sketchy is a rather short book. I finished it while I was eating dinner. However, I was also watching tv, so I know I ate dinner rather slower than usual. But still, I did multitasking. I think I was pretty good. Yeah, I'm good.

Anyway, Sketchy is about two hundred pages or something like that. It's still full of action and plot. The plot is fast-paced, but that doesn't stop the author from doing this book with doing a good job with Sketchy. Speaking of Sketchy, this book totally reminds me of Sketchy Behavior (another book). If you liked that book, then you will totally like this one.

Olivia Samms' writing is good. It's not addicting, but it's interesting enough to tell a good story. I rather enjoyed reading this book, but I'm probably not going to read the next. The addiction is enough to read this entire book, but the addiction isn't enough to read the next one. And I'm pretty sure there is another one. I mean, a sequel.

Anything bad about Sketchy? Hmm... I think the only thing bad about Sketchy is the creepiness with the older guy. I mean, the compassion and the sorrow is great. I do love the bullying and how Bea handles it, but I think that some choices are hard to make. Gosh, some choices are hard to make. She clearly likes him, but that is just wrong. Let's hope I'm not seeing him correctly.

Rating: Four out of Five

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