Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Embers & Ash by T.M. Goeglein Review

"Sara Jane Rispoli is on the wrong side of the Russian mob, but closer to finding her family than ever. And she's willing to do whatever it takes to finally end this terrible journey even if the price is her own life.

The very cold fury that has seen her through the worst of her troubles is now killing her; she knows the cure, but she can't sacrifice the deadly electricity until she's rescued her family. But when she finally does rescue them, it's not the happy reunion she pictured. And the torment doesn't stop there, not even when she finally discovers Ultimate Power. Only destroying the Outfit completely can end this terrible nightmare.

Old enemies return to seek vengeance, double-crosses abound, and even more mysteries are uncovered as we rocket toward an end no one saw coming."

Cold Fury's trilogy ends with Embers & Ash. For some reason, I'd taken upon calling this book Embers & Ashes, so forgive me if I accidently slip up throughout this review. I sometimes think that Embers & Ashes sound better than Embers & Ash. But let's get back to the review, and I'll stop stalling. 

I tire of mafia books. Or "mafiya" as some books like to call it. I think I'd read five already, but the number might actually be two or three. So it is an exaggeration... Anyway, I'd read another book really similar to this one and the last book is called In the Age of Love and Chocolate. (And the only reason I know the name of the last book is because it is on my bookshelf and right in front of my nose. Don't question me. Don't question me). 

So I might be a little grumpy in this review...

Sara Jane Rispoli is definitely a cross between MCU's Black Widow and Angelina Jolie's Salt. Yep. I suspect it myself. She is definitely a spy. Okay. I'll stop now. (I will never stop). She is quite smart and good, but sometimes she needs help from her friends. Though she is a bit... she has a very thick... wall around her head. 

(Is that the elegant way of saying it? I believe the answer is yes). 

The ending disappointed me. Isn't the cold fury killing her? It could blow her up from the inside? (Quite literally, actually). Well, I hate loose ends, but the ending isn't exactly terrible. Fitting ending, and I'm pleased that Max is no longer involved with the Mafiya things. It gets way too complicated when that happens. Boy. Girl.

And the plot is quick and nicely paced. Action type. I also enjoy the little things Doug says. (And I have no idea why I suddenly typed "Dough Boy." I need a new keyboard. Or a new set of hands. And I have to stop autocorrect sometimes). 

Anyway, I think the trilogy is... good in the beginning. Meh in the middle. It gets better towards the end. Much better. But it isn't as good as it could had been. But I did not walk away, so I will not rate this a very low rating. 

(Sorry, I must be crazy. Having one of my seasons). 

Overall, Embers & Ash is a much better book, but it isn't exactly a solid end to the trilogy. I sort of feel like... something is missing from it. Something off... Hmm... I'll let you know if I figure it out. If ever...

Rating: Three out of Five

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