Tuesday, February 4, 2014

These Lying Eyes by Amanda A. Allen Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"How can the truest friends you’ve ever had be a curse?

Perhaps when you’re the only one who can see them. 

But when the unseen world forces its way into Mina Roth’s life, she is forced to trust herself as never before. With an old friend, her lifelong companions, and a newly discovered faith in herself, Mina uncovers a hidden world and makes some startling discoveries about friendship, family, and what it means to love."

Hmm... There's a lot of things I can say about this. Hmm... Let's summarize this book.

It's about witches, sprites, and Fae. These Lying Eyes have them all. Witches, sprites, and Fae in one book. Reminds me of some books with these combo along with vampires, werewolves, and a whole bunch of other paranormal communities.

Anyway, These Lying Eyes is a sort-of okay book. I neither hated it or liked it, which is why this will be a book of three out of five (semi-hate would be a two out of five). There, I just told you the rating before I ended this review. First time I did that. Landmark moment.

Moving on. These Lying Eyes's beginning was way too fast. I was nearly blinking over and over again, trying to catch all these words and little details. It's almost as if the author dumped a huge jar of water over me and expected me to drink it all. "You can't drink that!" is probably what I'll say. Or maybe I can use a food example? Never mind, let me stick to the path before I go ya, ya, ya, ya, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Ignore that previous paragraph of mostly nonsense. Just read the first sentence and you'll be fine. The concept of witches, sprites, and Fae was just weird. Witches cast spells. Sprites seem to annoy witches and do the biding of them. And I can't remember what the Fae is suppose to do? Ugh! I hate memory problem! And I'm not that old.

Hang on...I don't usually have memory problems. Okay, kids, take note. If I have memory problems, it either means I'm insane or the author is just bad. Please look at my past reviews to determine if I'm insane or the author is just bad. Thank you for determining my fate.

The ending of the book was rushed. I didn't even get why Dr. Seal (gasp! Spoiler) wanted to attack Mina Roth. It was sort of weird. Dr. Seal doing it for power...uh...I'm not sure that fits the plot very well. Unless Dr. Seal had SPTSD, then all of this plot made sense. Oh, well, maybe this will be sorted out the in sequel (which I most likely won't read). 

Mina Roth is the most selfless character in this book. She's all like help this person and help that person. And she's also the most unobservant. Or maybe someone who doesn't dwell on her thoughts very much. Anyway, maybe something called 'repetition' would help the readers. It gets quite confusing when she doesn't talk her thoughts or analyze details of the story. When I try to get my knowledge of the plot straight, I usually depend on character's thoughts.

Rating: Three out of Five (duh)

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