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Shards by Kit Campbell Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"Eva Martinez isn’t sure why she’s pursuing a master’s degree in religious studies, except that something about the material resonates in the depths of her soul. But when her dreams start to be invaded by lost gardens, forbidden fruit, and a strangely familiar mystery man, even she has to wonder if she’s taking her schoolwork too seriously.

Then Eva starts to notice the strangeness seeping into everyday life. The man from her dreams is real and Eva feels a curious connection with him. Her classmate, someone she’s known for years, starts to act increasingly volatile. And it seems like everyone, including her bosses, is keeping secrets…secrets that have something to do with her. Eva’s determined to find out what’s going on, how it involves her, and why she’s transforming into someone buried deep in her memories.

The deeper in that Eva gets, the more she feels like she should understand what’s happening around her. The secrets conceal real dangers, and if she can’t untangle them and find the truth in time, she--and all those she’s come to care for--will face defeat at the hands of an ancient enemy, one who recognized Eva long before she learned to recognize herself."

I don't know why it took Eva this long to figure everything out. Like what Sam said, the names Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael do not hang around in one place unless... Even I saw that by the end of the first chapter. It does help when the synopsis greatly hints the connection between these three friends of Eva and the garden of Eden. 

I nearly rolled my eyes when I saw everyone's name correspond to someone else's in mythology or the Bible. Eva is Eve. Michael is archangel Michael. Gabriel is Gabriel. Raphael is Raphael. Sam is Lucifer. Lily is Lilith. Thor is Thor. (Yes, the guy in mythology stories from the Viking's time). Anyway, I just wanted to say how annoying it was to read not only one hundred pages, but two hundred pages of the author stalling the plot. She was basically dragging the plotline along for two hundred pages before the real stuff began. It gets quite annoying when you don't receive enough information in the beginning of the book. But it does give time to speculate the possible endings (including Happily Ever After ending to please kill everyone ending). 

Shards is a pretty obvious book for one thing. Obviously there's something going on between Sam (The Morning Star) and Eva (Eve from Bible). It's not much of a guessing game. However, I was surprised that Michael (the archangel, who's practically the eye of God, but not in this book) was Adam. (Sorry, big spoiler, but nothing would make sense if I didn't tell you that). 

Evoking emotions from the reader is not a strong suit of Kit Campbell. Boring is the biggest emotion I have after the spell of the first chapter wore off. The truth is I quickly moved on to These Lying Eyes (review is coming soon) and hoped for a little more mystery. Sometimes, these people do not need the same name as their mythology counterparts. It gets really old when you know who is who. I like being able to guess a little bit (like what I mention before). 

Why are these people still in college? I don't get it. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael (Sam was minding his evil-doing schemes) live fairly close to the college and attend it. *Sigh* The logic of Twilight's vampire high schoolers still stun me to this day. Why attend school when you can do whatever you want? This logic never gets me. (Doing something for like the hundredth time gets really old. And yes, colleges existed in the old times). 

Even though there's a lot of negative stuff, there's still a lot of humor. There's Raphael with his little jokes. Even though the gang (I'm going to call Rafe, Gabe, Mike, and Eva the gang) minus Rafe doesn't like his jokes, they are a relief to the book. They provide a soft and neutral comedy side to Shards. 

Eva herself isn't that bad. Even though she's annoying slow, she's not that bad. But let's call her the woman who forgets everything. And Michael? Let's call him the biggest idiot before Eva. Heck, the biggest idiot in the entire book. I don't get how Michael can't see Eve 2.0 in front of his eyes. Hello? They even have the same name and suggest the same things.

Rating: Three out of Five

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