Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hear No Evil by Terry Persun Review

I won a copy from Goodreads Firstreads. 

"A colony of scientists, a megalomaniac, an alien race…which will prevail?

Brandon and Palmer, soldier and pilot, pitch their skills against a high-profile negotiator bent on taking over an entire planet, which could change the lives of every colonist on it. And why would one man want to do such a thing? To gain control of a secret alien race discovered on C47. It’s not about scientific discovery, and it’s not about saving an alien race, it’s about power and control.

If Garth Killjoy, President of Section 204 of the Intergalactic Peace Force, gets his way he’ll have the entire Earth Central government under his control, and he knows it. That means all bets are off when it comes to honesty or fairness when working with the colonists. That’s why he sent a fake negotiator pummeling toward C47 in a cruiser filled with explosives.

Before the ship gets blown out of the sky, Captain Palmer Luce ejects and is rescued by a second cruiser. She believes her friend may have gone down with the ship. But Lieutenant Brandon Lockhardt barely escapes with his life…and he’s not happy. He can’t wait to talk with Palmer to see why she left him behind. And she’s heartbroken that he may be dead.

HEAR NO EVIL mixes space opera with science fiction mystery to deliver a fun-filled and dynamic story that will get your mind thinking and your heart pumping. Let Brandon and Palmer warm your hearts…a new team has been born."

There are some things in the book that are so weird that it is so memorable. I can't seem to shake the words out of my head. And for the record, these words are NOT something I want in my head. Ugh! These words ruin the entire book for me. I just can't get them out of my head. It's so creepy and utterly disgusting. I want to shrivel up and crawl into a dark hole. It is just...

But still! Hear No Evil will be easier on my heart if I had skipped a few pages. I'll admit I lost focus from the beginning (reason in previous paragraph). Anyway, I think Hear No Evil started out great (I couldn't stop reading until I reached that disturbing part). But is my message to you is to read the beginning and forget the end? No, I'm just saying that I find the middle part rather boring and the ending slightly interesting. But the beginning was amazing. 

Even though it seemed like there's a lot of characters (as seemed from the synopsis), it was easy for me to keep all of them straight. Garth Killjoy is the true villain of the book. Brandon and Palmer are the lovers and main characters. James is the person underneath Garth (like a right-hand man). Oliver is the ruler (or one of them) of C47, the planet which is centered on by the book. Captain Stark is evil. Eldon is okay, just a supporting character. And...I'm impressed by how much I remembered. Usually, I don't remember this many characters because their names sort of blend together in a gooey soup (located in my brain). 

Hmm...strange, very strange. But that doesn't matter. We have more pressing matters. 

Like the ending. Honestly, I was very disappointed by how Garth Killjoy was sacked in the end. I was hoping for a little more drama, but it was kind of like watching one of those serial killers end up in prison without getting a death sentence. But still, it's a bit sweet. (However, I'm a bit bloodthirsty right now). 

But right now, that doesn't matter. Well, it does matter since I'm taking that factor in for the overall rating of book, but right now, let's relax. 

One concept of the book is making me feel very strange. The concept of intelligent life. I wonder why the author doesn't call them aliens, but technically, the humans are aliens since they don't live on Earth. Instead, they live on a whole new planet, but interesting. Not calling these intelligent life aliens... Interesting. Interesting. (Neutral factor in the book). 

Rating: Three out of Five (memorable, but I don't want it to be)

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