Thursday, February 20, 2014

Impostor by Susanne Winnacker Review

"Can Tessa pose as Madison . . . and stop a killer before it’s too late? 

Tessa is a Variant, able to absorb the DNA of anyone she touches and mimic their appearance. Shunned by her family, she’s spent the last two years training with the Forces with Extraordinary Abilities, a secret branch of the FBI. When a serial killer rocks a small town in Oregon, Tessa is given a mission: she must impersonate Madison, a local teen, to find the killer before he strikes again. 

Tessa hates everything about being an impostor—the stress, the danger, the deceit—but loves playing the role of a normal girl. As Madison, she finds friends, romance, and the kind of loving family she’d do anything to keep. Amid action, suspense, and a ticking clock, this super-human comes to a very human conclusion: even a girl who can look like anyone struggles the most with being herself."

Imposter is a really good book (even though it sounds very similar to Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel). It's kind of like the X-Mens and Shatter Me series, but way different. For example, X-Mens are commonly known, but the Variants (the counterparts of X-Men) are top secret secret in the FBI. And Shatter Me...well, the only thing similar between the two is the people with extreme powers and awesomeness. 

Let's start with Tessa. She's a seemingly plain character with whines about her never-been-kissed status and her parents. Despite that I still root for Imposter. You just have to remember that Imposter is simply pushing things around, trying things out before it goes down the right path. Of course, it is easy to see the next book in a more serious tone. Abel's Army and serial killer Variants are marking the spot for Imposter. I can't wait to see what the author has in stores. 

Warning: Don't read this book until June of 2014. The sequel isn't out yet (or at least of right now). I don't want you to be all panicky over a book which isn't even out yet. Oh, if excitement can kill, many of us would be in the grave.

I like what's the author doing. In a somewhat awesome story of mutants, Imposter (the series) is going to be a wild ride. So far, the book Imposter, is stretching its legs and acting very odd. From a forbidden romance (it's really disturbing) to serial killers, Imposter's plot goes on steroids. The plot twist (actually, twists) makes the book very interesting. Like a roller coaster, with a lot of rolling and escaping and death. 

One of the only problems I have with this book is the oh-so-many-questions. Like what exactly is Abel's Army? Why did it leave the FEA? How did Alec break up with Kate? Or Kate with Alec? Why is Tessa so annoying? Well, sometimes annoying, not always. Anyway, on with more questions. Who is Tessa's father? What's up with her mommy issues? 

I have to know, I have to know. What is going to happen in the next book? I have so many theories, but I'm not going to put them here. Anyway, I hope there will be a much better sequel (Imposter is a good book; I haven't read one as good in a while). Let's raise a glass for an awesome Tessa story. Please, no immortal stuff like what Cassandra Clare put. 

Rating: Four out of Five

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