Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ship Breaker By Paolo Bacigalupi Review

Ship Breaker...

Before Reading: My thoughts? "Wow! The cover looks awesome! I wonder what is it about?" 

While Reading:
1. "Hmm... Interesting."
2. "Wait? What are you talking about?:
3. "Huh? Who is Tool?"
And many more thoughts...

After Reading: the paragraphs after this miniparagraph so go look down

Okay... It's has been a while since I read this book. But according to my friends and family, I have a memory of an elephant. So don't blame me if I get any of the details wrong.

This book was a disappointment, I'll admit. I wish Paolo Bacigalupi would write a good conclusion. He literally let us imagine the conclusion. There were so many questions I had. I hope the second book of this series would fill in some blanks. But I was pretty much clueless. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who likes books with a superb conclusion. Much more than a book with a conclusion.

The characters were good. The author did a good job of showing how some people can be really desperate to survive. I just wished that he explain it in much more details. Some characters were questionable. For example, the main character. Why is he so softhearted? Why he isn't like his father? How can he have compassion when the society he lives in eats up anyone who is simply nice?

So many questions? But so little answers. I hope there will be answers in the next book. Yes, this is one of those books where you shut up and read. Unfortunately. This book isn't as impressive as its cover. 

Like the questions in the "While Reading" section, these questions are perhaps questions you will ask when you read this book. Or if you ever read this book. Most likely you will not. And hopefully you won't. 

The setting... I thought the setting was a good example of what may happen to this world if we don't recycle. We need to stop pollution. A smoggy setting and a lot of dirt. Yep, I hope that won't be the future. Let's go green.

I didn't think much of the writing. It seem to be fine. It didn't really bother me unlike what happen to my friends who tried to read this book.

This book was disappointing so I assign this book as a one out of five. What a big disappointment.  

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