Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wereling By Steve Feasey Review


First of all, when I look at the cover of this book, I thought of the creepy boy on the cover. I thought of the moon behind him. I thought of his eyes. I thought of the full moon. But most of all? I thought of the title. 

Wereling. Wereling. This book is something new. It gives a twist to the werewolf tale. It also gives a twist the demon world. Vampires, naturally, pop in time to time. Witches and all that good spells and the bad spells and curses. All those good stuff. 

To me, this book is a tiny sliver of refuge. All the books I had read recently were all about psycho people and killers and romance. Actually, there is a bit of that in this book. JK. There is a LOT. Assassins and Murderers. Yep.

The truth is that this book has a very different kind of killers than the ones I am used to. Demon killers and murderers and assassins. My thoughts: whoa! Sweet mother nature! Demons! Whoo! I want to read that!

Before Reading: My thoughts? 
1) interesting cover
2) werewolves?
3) I love werewolves!

While Reading:
1) Whoa there!
2) Awww.. so cute
3) what?
4) why!!! Why this cliffhanger?

After reading: Tortured by this book.

To me, this book was smooth. The writing was clear and understandable. Some moments of the book was slightly questioning, but the answers were there. I love how Mr. Steve Feasey explain things. Many authors just don't do it as well or don't explain it at all. What an excellent book to read. Highly recommended.

The characters were good. I love the main character. He was sooooo romantic. *Sigh really loud* Ahh! He's so adorable. He is a perfect gentleman. 

This book's review is a four out of five.

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