Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hidden By P.C. Cast Review

Hmm... No say about the cover. Just no comment. Noo...

After all those books before Hidden, I was getting bored of this series. I mean, seriously, The House of Night series is just getting way too long. This is like Private by Kate Brian. Just no.

I think books like these (number ten in the series of The House of Night) should have a recap. (TV Talk now) Recaps are nice. They help readers like you and me remember books we read for over a year ago. Really helpful.

In this book, Hidden, P.C. Cast must learn to keep the dead dead. No soul transfers or any of that rubbish. Please, just no rubbish of Heath and all that crazy stuff. All of the main character's boyfriends are always like that. For example, there is the one that died, and another that betrayed Zoey. Please have a normal guy who will not die. (Pretty Please?)

I feel that Hidden is just another book with the same or similar plot. Zoey is happy. The Evil Queen strikes another terror of darkness. Zoey fights back. The queen goes to find sacrifices. Zoey stops the queen. The queen slips away. Zoey is happy again. The queen opens a new reign of terror. Zoey tries to find the way to counter her. Zoey fights against the queen. The queen goes to find more victims to stop Zoey. Zoey stops the queen. And the queen gets away again. The endless cycle of deaths and good versus evil. 

This is getting old. OLD!!

One of the good things about this book is the humor. The humor that is fighting against the darkness of the story is the light of the book. I love the humor, the laughing, the I-need-to-catch-my-breath-or-I-am-going-to-die laughter. 

The writing and poems in this book flows as usual. I hope P.C. Cast would just spice it up. Just a tiny little bit. That would make the book much more interesting. IF SHE DOES THAT FOR THE NEXT BOOK, I WILL READ ALL OF THE BOOKS IN THIS LONG BORING SERIES!!! I promise, I will. Promise.

The switching POVs are refreshing and easy to understand. (The name is there unlike some books). It helps you understand the story. 

This book was a short read. It took me around one and a half hour to read this three hundred or so pages of this book by P.C. Cast.

If you don't want to read the spoilers or haven't read this book yet, SKIP THE SPOILERS SECTION.


1) The Evil Queen tries to kill Grandma.
2) Kalona is having second thoughts about joining light.
3) Heath doesn't die.
4) Lots of cats die.
5) Odd beginning. 
6) Erin goes to the dark side.

End Spoilers

The rating of Hidden is THREE OUT OF FIVE.

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