Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hooked By Liz Fichera Review


The cover just looks wrong. So wrong. Fortunately, none of what the cover is hinting is in the book. So parents, feel no need to hide this book due to possible, possible, inappropriate, and loveful events that do not exist.

The writing was excellent. No comments, but Ms. Fichera did a wonderful job writing about golf. And the love of golf of the main character. She certainly expanded my knowledge of golf. All those pars and bogeys. Now I know the difference between those two. (Par is 0 or good. Bogey is 1 or bad.)

The chemistry between Ryan (the love interest) and Fred (the main character) was cute and adorable. I practically squeal at any parts that included these lovebirds. They were a match made in heaven. Fred is a girl, BTW. Ryan is a boy.  These two lovebirds remind me of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (I am not sure why they do, but they do remind me of that love story.)

Fred is an outstanding character. Her mother is an alcoholic. Her father is a poor man. They are Native Americans living on a Reservation. (Reservations are lands reserved only for Native Americans). Fred's happiness is playing golf. We see how much she loves golf and how good she is at it.

Ryan is the guy on the boys golf team. He is one of "rich white boys." He is spoiled and a ridiculous character. Proud, yes. Arrogant, sort of. But he has a lot of attitude. Lots of it. It leaks off the book, literally. He is a good boy with a good heart. But he lets peer pressure and drugs and bad best bros/friends get to his head. They make him do things he doesn't want to do. He shuts up when he really needs to speak up. Ryan later learns an important lesson from Fred and others. 

Seth, the evil boy. The enemy is this book. Seth is Ryan's bro and best friend. They had been friends ever since a shocking event, which I will not name. He is a crazy character with a lot of depth. He's not quite shallow unlike the females/Ryan's crazy girlfriend.

The switching POVs between Ryan and Fred makes the book much more entertaining. I love seeing their views and what they thought of each other. I enjoyed the twists and turns. The foreshadowing events, which are usually revealed by Ryan, are fascinating. 

Did I mention the feud between the Indians and the whites? Oh yeah, there is a feud. It's not the type where they go "Your ancestor killed my ancestor. I will take revenge on your family by killing you." Nope. A completely different one. 

This is a good book. I will recommend this book to my peers. The only problem is the cover. They will not touch this book with a ten foot long pole. 

This book's rating is four out of five. Go Ryan!

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