Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Lost Code By Kevin Emerson

The Lost Code...

The title sounds awesome doesn't it? I love how it sounds--the Lost Code. Just amazing. The book, unlike the title, isn't as favorable.

The people on the cover is most likely the nerd (Owen) and the swimmer (Lilly or Lily). I like the background. The building is just pretty yet also fitting to the story. 

Okay, this story is being told by a NERD. I swear, this guy is just being a supernerd. Reminds me of "THE BIG BANG THEORY." With awesome powers and hot looks. The main character has cute potential according to our female characters. This book has creativity. 

*loud sigh*

This book may had creativity, but there needs to be a tad more passion in their. Yes, it's original and based on something I can't put a finger on, but it was disappointing.

You see I was hoping for something like computers or high-tech gigs or at least something referring to the future. But NOOO, it has to be about FISH. OR GILLS OR FISH OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. 

*calming down*

Before Reading: I checked out five books from my local library. I checked this one out because it sounded interesting. I thought is would be sci-fi because it just sounds like it. Out of the five books I could've read first, I choose this one. What a horrible and poor choice, but I didn't know.

During reading: I was reading, flipping through the pages. I skim through some pages because I thought they were useless knowledge. I was bored throughout the book. I am not the type to abandon books unless they are really, really bad, but I was tempted many times to abandon this book. I choose not to. 

After reading: After reading this book, I thought it was okay, but then the author could had picked up the pace on this book. But some major things that happen in the book ticked me off.

Argument 1: The author should have explain the terms more clearly and precisely. I was often confused, which brings us to my second argument.

Argument 2: The writing could had done a little more editing. The writing needs to be smoother. As smooth as a plane in geometry. 

Argument 3: The book was long. And boring. The twists were unsatisfying and dry.     

Argument 4: The romance was way too dry. It was boring and boring. I couldn't find the fire between Owen and Lilly. No chemistry or fire under the water. (HA HA)

Argument 5: The characters were too stupid. Owen shouldn't trust that boy who changed sides. I think there is a possibility that a traitor is among them, but I can't be sure.

Argument 6: The writing needs more vocabulary.

I can think of more arguments but I think I'll stop there.

This book is a two out of five. 

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