Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Seizure By Kathy Reichs Review

Tory and her Virals are back. With an awesome cover and a wonderful Recap, this book kicks butts. A lot of butts. It should be on the bestsellers list. But it has some weaknesses which makes us readers take a second and third look. Maybe even more than that.

Kathy... Reich, is it? From the bestselling series Bones, I expect a lot more from you. The second book, Seizure, was good, but the author could had cut it down by a hundred or more pages. (this book is around four or five hundred pages).

The author could had used some more fancy vocabulary. With the same words used over and over again, the book gets rather dry. Long words can help us learn more words. I would like to pop out my dictionary a little more. Oh well, we can't change anything now. The book is already published.

I love the switching POVs. It is interesting to know what are other characters thinking and seeing. For example, for one character, I see a lot of love and obsession. (I think most of you can find out which character was this one. You just have to read the book. Or not.)

The historical references were fascinating. I love books that goes back in time. This reminds me of the movie National Treasure. Clues and hidden secrets are all within the layers of this book.

As always, murder in Kathy Reich's books always make an appearance. Bones? Dead Bodies? Mysterious Murders? All there, as usual. These murders will always make you wonder who is behind these horrible acts of murder. (At least two people die in this book).

Hopes and dreams of mine:

1) I hoped that this book would expand on the information on the Virals. I mean, there was little mentions of the virus they caught. It was only mentioned on one page.

2) I wished that those mean girls from school would just leave Tory alone. Alone. (Word that these girls would not follow).

3) MORE WOLF SCENES. I love wolves. Especially after watching Once Upon A Time and reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

End Section.

This book's rating is four out of five. 

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