Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second Chance Summer By Morgan Matson Review

Second Chance Summer

The cover is beautiful. The setting of the cover fits the description in Second Chance Summer. I just love the shade of orange!

Second Chance Summer is even better than Amy and Rogers's Epic Detour. Yes! This piece is even better and awesomer than that one. This may be the best masterpiece of Morgan Matson so far.

Amy and Roger will appeared in the book for only about a paragraph. Still it is wonderful. I had always wanted to know what happen to those lovebirds in the end. You don't need to read Amy and Rogers's Epic Detour to read this book.

In this bittersweet story, you will laugh and cry. Smile and wince. You will shake your head and be tempted to slam the book to the ground. Then you will actually do it. And then pick it back up to read a little more. A little more till you finish it.

The star of this book is Taylor. She's the one who likes to run when things get rough. This time she can't run because her father has Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.

Taylor and her family go to their summer house one last time before you know what happens. (reason is in previous paragraph). She meets her old friends and makes new ones. Enemies become friends. Relationships mend and fall apart again.

Overall this book is a good read for children twelve and up. Not much inappropriate words. Some bad words, I think.

The main character (Taylor)... The main character is rather interesting. She is afraid. But she really loves her father and family. She is such a beautiful character. Flawless. Even better than Amy.

Taylor's family. Her brother and his newfound girlfriend are cute. Taylor's brother's flirting ways are just pure humor. (Torturing the dog, etc.) Her father is a nice guy. He really loves Taylor. He notices her a lot more than most of his family, I think. He is inspiring for cancer patients. Taylor's mom. She is a strong woman. She keeps it together despite the Grim Reaper at her door. She cracks down a little, but she remains strong for her children and husband. Taylor's grandfather... No comment. Just no...

Harry... He's the love interest. (It's been awhile since I read this, so I might get the name wrong). (For some strange reason, I kept on visualizing him as a redhead. Probably thanks to Prince Harry.) The way the author describes him is amazing. Morgan Matson just makes him sound adorable and cute. He is a sweet boy. Not the bad boy you'll read in most days. (THANKS, CASSANDRA CLARE AND JACE WAYWARD/HERONDALE/MORGANSTAR!!!!!!!)

Even though this book was a whooping four hundred pages long, I never wanted it to end. I wanted it to stay alive. Neverending. Forever. I just wanted it too last a little longer.

I really love this book. I plan on reading it again and again.

Spoilers (MINOR).

I really love how the father gives them all letters to remind them of him. He still lives on despite the fact that he died.

End Spoiler.

This book's rating is five out of five. GO TAYLOR AND HARRY!

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