Friday, May 17, 2013

The Daughters Take the Stage by Joanna Philbin

"The daughter of chart-topping pop star Holla Jones, stylish and sensitive Hudson Jones is on the brink of her own musical debut. Hudson has inherited her mother's talent, but she hasn't yet embraced Holla's love of the megawatt spotlight. Can Hudson find a way to perform that reflects her own low-key style? Or will Holla see to it that her only daughter becomes a pop music sensation?"

Side Note: The cover is amazing. I love the style of it. Markers and then realistic when close to the three girls. It's beautiful. I want to draw like that!

Okay... This book picks up where the last book, The Daughters Break the Rules (read my review), left off. 

Out of the three good girls in this book, I think I like Carina the most. Hudson is tied with Lizzie. 

As suspected, Hudson Jones has some issues with her mother. Her mother wants Hudson's career to be like her career. Holla Jones is demanding her daughter to change this, do that, love that, and sing that. Blah, blah, blah. A little similar to Lizzie's supermodel mother. 

Hudson wants to be free from her mother. She wants to do the things her way. Not her mother's way. But her mother is very aggressive and demanding. Her mother is controlling and a freak in many reader's eyes. Holla Jones is perhaps the most controlling mother I had ever read about.

This series seems to be following one major theme. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. DON'T LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE.

In this book, The Daughters Take the Stage, readers will be captivated by the humor, the plot, and the writing. Readers will see how Hudson Jones deals with her mother. (How is quite interesting).

The Characters:
Lizzie: still doing modeling and a little trouble in paradise

Carina: much better relationship with the Jurg and Alex

Hudson: Up

Hillary: the stalker, yeah. Hillary has a good heart despite all that stalking. Lizzie and Carina call it stalking, I call it admiration that went a little over the top. Hillary is an excellent life coach, BTW.

Ben: the love interest. They don't get together in this book, unfortunately. (I was egging them on. But they never did).

Todd: Dad's in trouble.

Alex: Not so much about him.

Logan: possible love interest, but was eliminated. (Because he was a jerk. And a little creep. And a player. And a little too twisty.)

Aunt Jenny: WOW! I wish I could be like Jenny. A free agent. I wish I could be like that and I don't care about the negatives of being a free agent. 

The Good Parts...

The plot. The plot of The Daughters Take The Stage was amazing. I love the little twists and turns. They sometime surprise me. Other times I go "I knew it!"

The characters. Most of the characters were lovable. Especially Hudson and Ben.

The rule breakings. I love it when characters break the rules. I find it amusing to see the reactions of the authorities. Ex: Harry Potter in Hagrid's Hut after the curfew. Professor McGonagall was going all "Fifty Points" this and "Fifty Points" that. 

The Bad Parts...

The ending. I can't believe it has to end this way. Just wow.

This book is recommended to Young Adult readers. This book's rating is a four out of five. 

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