Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Drowned Cities By Paolo Bacigalupi Review

To tell you the truth, I didn't like The Drowned Cities. I felt that was a little odd and similar to Ship Breaker. If you didn't like the first book in this series, then you won't like this number either. 

I hoped for a better story. I read the first book and found out how dreadful it truly was. I read the second book and I will tell you what I felt about this book.

Before reading: I was admiring the cover. The blue colored cover was just perfect. I enjoyed the colors yellow clashing with the blue. My thoughts: "I want to know about TOOL!"

While reading: I thought how utterly confusing this book was. My thoughts range from "what?" to " huh" to "is this author high?" (sorry but true story) (I think you are high)

After reading: "What? Hey?! Where are my freaking answers and conclusions to this book? OMG!! Not again!"

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the book has a terrible conclusion. These books the first and the second need a epilogue. What is seriously wrong with this author? Freaking!! I am never reading a book from this author again.

While being a book with no epilogue, there are some strengths. (Thank the Lord that there are some good moments and horrible ones too.) The imagery is quite strong in this book. I love the power of words in this book. The graphics of words is just...mind blowing. It just hard to explain. Really hard to explain.

The behaviors of characters were strong too. I really enjoyed the attitudes of the main characters. Especially Tool.

I was so happy when I found out the past of Tool. I feel more sympathetic towards him now. He faced so much to come this far. He is a strong character I admired. He has a strong character and a wise judgement. He never fails to repay a debt. He always remembers. He never forgets.

The other characters were remarkable. I really liked them. It was the conclusion I hated. I hate any books that don't have a conclusion. And has barely any answers. Like this one, right here.

To tell you the truth, I don't really like reviewing books like these, so this will be very short. Books like these are inconclusive and boring.

This book is a two out of five. Don't bother reading it.

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