Monday, May 6, 2013

Unenchanted By Chanda Hahn Review


This book is original. I love it and it is so pure and innocent. I think that was the reason why I enjoyed even more. This book is so cute and lovable. If you liked the Grimm Fairy Tales, you will love this book. This book was inspired by those tales.

The strengths...
1) Cute guy. The love interest is so adorable. He is the prince in this story. Unfortunately he may or may not be the true love of the main character. We will see if he is.
2) Possible love interest. Even though I am not usually the one for a love triangle, I think I like this one. Mmmm. The guy is so amazing. He is so tough yet also a lunatic.
3) The conflicts. This book is unique. I think this book will be the first of its kind. It originality and intelligence really shines through.

1) The story may be hard to pick up of many people. It has a difficult conflict to understand. The enemy is also difficult to understand.
2) Grammar error... I think that is all I need to say...
3) Odd reactions of other characters... For example, the main character was so worried about his other character and then all the sudden she forgot about him. That was the weirdest reaction in this book.

This book roughly about two hundred pages was only an hour read. It wasn't that bad. It was rather entertaining. My biggest peeve is that the conflict doesn't name itself till about the halfway mark.


The story has its twists and turns. Ups and downs.

One weakness of the book was that I felt that the book didn't emphasize on the biggest topics enough. Emphasize. It made the major issue a minor one. Big conflicts are rarely mentioned. Instead these minor petty thoughts are tossed in our ways.

Another weakness was the ending. All that torture and worrying for NOTHING! Just nothing! OMG! When will authors learn from their mistakes?

This book's rating is a three out of five.

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