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Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things by Kathryn Burak Review

"When Claire’s best friend Richy went missing, he disappeared without a trace. But when Emily Dickinson’s dress goes missing from the Amherst museum, she knows exactly where it is: in her closet.
As Claire and her student teacher, Tate, attempt to figure out what do to about the dress, they begin to uncover the truth behind Richy's disappearing act. Following a trail of clues across state lines, Claire and Tate attempt to find the person that Claire knows in her gut is responsible for his disappearance."


Okay... I'm not kidding. For those who love poetry and is sad/moody, this is the book for you. I felt that this book was too sad and moody and too full of poetry for me. (I don't like poetry that much. I don't like sad books. I don't like Emily Dickinson. I do love history.) Needless to say, this book wasn't the right one for me. However, it wasn't horrible according to my standards. To my standards, it was good and wonderful to read.

Claire is a girl who is sad. She's the last person to talk to her mother before she died. She was the last person to talk to her best friend, Richy before he went missing. It was revealed that he was dead, a year later. Claire suspected that her best friend was murdered. However, the police say that Richy committed suicide. Anyway, Claire is one of those people who are regularly sad and depressed. She is withdrawn and antisocial. She has a lot of trust issues. She doesn't like to reveal anything about her or anything that is associated with her like Mother's death or Richy's disappearance.

Richy... The missing boy. He is later revealed to be deceased. It was obvious that Claire deeply cared about him. I felt that the author was a little confusing on Richy's character. The author first said he was gay and then Richy says the L word to Claire. Did the author mean the L word as friend love or love love? Gosh, that is confusing.

Sam or what Claire calls him, Tate. He is the teacher assistant in Claire's English class. He was attracted to her by her dark and creepy poems. Not creepy, but creepy for many people. Her poems were rather sad and depressing than creepy. Sam is interesting. He's not a boring character. Readers will find him interesting and strong.

The search for Richy's killer didn't really happen until about halfway of the book. Ms. Burak, you need to kick the action on a little earlier. Readers may get bored and will need to live a little through Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things.

WOW! The name is such a mouthful. Just saying it is annoying. Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things. This is one of the longest name of books I've ever seen. (I'll admit it. I love typing out Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things).

Overall, Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things was a wonderful book. Poetry lovers would fall in love with Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things. Especially Emily Dickinson lovers and adoring readers. Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things will make readers questioned whether or not Claire is telling to the truth about Richy's Disappearance. (I won't tell you.) (Actually I will/Spoilers Section)


  1. Richy was murdered. 
  2. Yep, Claire stole Emily's Dress. 
  3. Tate and Claire starts dating toward the end of the book.
  4. Emily's Dress safely made it back to the house.
  5. Claire gets stopped by the police many times.
  6. Claire writes a lot of sad poems which should be obvious.
  7. Tate's sister is similar to Claire. They both have the Emily Dickinson obsession. It's another reason why Tate is attracted to Claire.

This book's rating is a three point five out of five. It's round to four out of five. 

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