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Hollywood Hustle by Gordon Korman Review

"The fast-paced, funny sequel to the best-selling Son of the Mob.

Vince Luca is in heaven . . . he''s off to Los Angeles, to attend the University of Santa Monica''s film school. College should be fantastic, and he is more thrilled about being 3,000 miles away from his mob family.

But as it turns out, college brings its own problems: from other film students moving in on his girl, to a kleptomaniac roommate, to having to get a job on campus to help pay tuition. It''s a fair amount to handle, though nothing Vince couldn''t easily manage - if he didn''t keep finding himself with unexpected guests from the East Coast. It seems Vince''s dad may just be ready to expand operations to L.A.

With the popularity of shows such as "The Sopranos," the mafia is a topic of intrigue for young adults. The fast-paced plot, hilarious dialogue and Korman''s keen understanding of teen issues, made this a bestseller and a critical success."



Problem #1: Less humor as the previous book. Son of The Mob was delightful and free-spirited. This book was more serious and a little more moodier.

Problem #2: I felt that this book wasn't as innocent as it use to be. In Son of the Mob, the innocence was one characteristic that made the book must more addicting to read. Now it just feels as if this book has gone from Children's Fiction to Adult's Fiction. Or at least Young Adult Fiction. The growth of inappropriateness has gone bananas.

Problem #3: Gordon Korman has let the character off the hook too easily. Vince was involved with the mob and he gets away with it. He's not exactly the type of person who is good at hiding secrets especially with FBI agents spying on him. Vince also cheated on his girlfriend, Kendra. Kendra let Vince off the hook way  to easily too. What kind of girl would let her boyfriend off the hook if the boyfriend has cheated with another woman? Where is the logic is this situation?

Problem #4: Vince went to college or "university" because of his website. All the sudden, this book starts with Vince abilities to do directing. What happen to creating a website? Where is the logic, Mr. Gordon?

Problem #5: The father... Seriously? You have children and you are still with the mob? Isn't that a little too dangerous. And you also butcher someone while your son's girlfriend is over for dinner. That's wonderful. Tortured screams while you drink orange juice. Imagine that.

Problem #6: The FBI... Over the events of the past two books, you should have received enough evidence to put Anthony Lucas in prison.

Problem #7: Tommy/Vince's stupidity... Vince has repeated this phrase over and over again that once you are in the mob, you are in for live. It's the Life. This applies to Tommy. Tommy, seemly quit mob Life, began to appear normal. Vince was stupid enough to actually believe his act. Once you are in the mob, you are in for life. What happen to your motto, Vince? Isn't it clear that Tommy was just trying to do something horrible and inhumane? Gosh, Vince, you are getting worse over the years.

Problem #8: The logic of Hollywood Hustle... I believe that is all I need to say.

The good stuff...

Goodie #1: The plot is good and smooth. It is easy to understand for young children.

Goodie #2: Movie Scripts in Hollywood Hustle... It is refreshing to see these scripts instead of the paragraphs I am used too.

Goodie #3: The mob. I love how the mobs just keeps on following Vince. With the mob coming over for dinner, things will never die down. It is so amusing to see or to hear them talk about their education. That was a good moment.

Hollywood Hustle receives a one out of five. What a disappointment.

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