Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

This bittersweet romance book is the bestselling book on the book list. It's been up there for weeks while I have been putting it off because I heard it was bittersweet. (The truth is I put if off for about two years) As promised by fellow readers, this book is indeed bittersweet. It's sad yet also not surprising. The romance is good and there are little plot holes. John Green has written a beautiful story that is perhaps his masterpiece. It's the best of all his books so far. Let's hope for more books like The Fault In Our Stars.

When I finished this book, I cried. I cried. I spent the night up reading this book and when I was done, I cried because it was truly that sad. When you read, you'll understand. And I won't be kidding when I say it's sad. Heartbreaking. Heartshattering. And beautiful.

Hazel, the main character, is depressed. She has incredible insight of the world for a sixteen or seventeen years old. She's makes me look at the world and people in different ways. I found her narration pleasant and funny. The language/profanity was there but there was not much of it. It's small such as "bastard" and some other ones I can't remember. She's a good character and I was not bored with the story.

Many terms of John Green were fictional. For example, the type of cancer one character has does not exist. It was purely fictional and made up by John Green. This did not bother me, despite my dislike of fictional illnesses or cancers. I prefer for books like these to stick to medical terms so I can learn a little about the world of cancer patients.

The romance between Gus and Hazel was bittersweet. It was beautiful to put it is simple terms. I love it. The sweetness of it was clearly seen by readers. The romance was hilarious. This relationship starts off as "just friends" to "boyfriend and girlfriend" to "soulmates." Seeing these two react with each other was just a pleasure of reading this book.

Hazel does not have many friends. As she talks with Issac and Gus, she starts becoming social. She has been diagnosed with cancer and requires an air tank to breathe. Yes, there were some flaws with Hazel, but these flaws were beautiful and amazing.

Gus has one leg and used to play basketball. He is described as handsome and hot. He seems to be a delightful young boy who was diagnosed with cancer like Hazel. Hazel and Gus have some noticeable and common traits. For one, they both have the same curiosity. Gus and Hazel has that kind of relationship that was quick yet also deep. The hearts of these characters were strong and they were a perfect fit when they came together as one.

Issac is not a possible suspect in the love triangle. (This book isn't a love triangle, thankfully) He's blind. He went under surgery on his eye. He lost his eyes to cancer in the eyes. (Not sure what type of cancer is in the eyes, but oh well) He is heartbroken over a girl named Monica and was later unbroken. (Mended) He is one bright character in this book.

For a huge chunk of the book, Hazel and Gus are in Amsterdam to find an author named Peter. Peter wrote a book which ended like this: I...
Yep, some crappy author.

-Gus is diagnosed with cancer again. This time the cancer has spread to his lung, stomach, almost everything. Actually, I believe it's everything and it was too late to save him.
-Issac and Gus goes to egg Monica's car.
-Hazel and Gus do it.
-Hazel and Gus goes to Amsterdam.
-Gus dies.
-Gus leaves a letter to Peter, which is about the book.

This book deserves a five out of five.

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