Tuesday, April 30, 2013

As Dead As It Gets By Katie Alender Review

As Dead As It Gets...

Well, the truth is I'm just hoping this series would end. I mean, the first book was fine on its own. There was no need to get the second and third books.

Creepy cover, right? I know it. The second book was even creepier. All theses creepy covers in this series. *Cold Shivering* *Ghost looking over your shoulder*

In my opinion, the main character has gone officially cuckoo. She is CRAZY! Yet she isn't. Too many of the secondary characters, she is. To us readers, she isn't.

Despite all the evil things other classmates had given her, she is strong enough to be happy despite them. I really like her spirit. Her strength. Her bravery to face evil souls and ghost. She is an amazing character and is beautifully written. I don't care what you guys say, but this is what I say. So What?

The author, Katie Alender, has done a wonderful job writing the first, second, and third books. I hope this isn't the last one. According to some of my fellow readers, this is the last book. This makes this book the last book in the trilogy. Katie Alender, I wouldn't mind if you write and publish more books. I would totally and absolutely LOVE YOU!

The twists and turns were to DIE for. Katie Alender had done a great and wonderful job to make this book as spunky as the previous two. Ms. Alender made the main character's world seem real. The behaviors of the FBI agents and her classmates were believable. The author has repeatedly pointed out the main character's flaw, which reminded me how flawed and beautiful this character is. She is just a good writer and should be on the charts.

The love triangle was cute and adorable. I just squealed whenever Carter and that other guy (Jared) glared at each other. The heat between those two guys were just like "WHOA!" and "OMG! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?"

As promised, Lexi's friends and acquaintances disappeared mysteriously. Lexi is convicted as the murderer and strong evidence is being held against her. She later goes to that evil place. (The same place where her sister has gone.)

All the characters were good and had good characterization.

Lexi has changed so much. I could barely recognize her as the girl before. The girl before was scared of ghost. Now she is ready to do anything for her sister and kill/destroy ghost.

1. Jared was indirectly behind the murders. He is later killed by Lexi.
2. Carter wins the love triangle.
3. Lexi gets a happy ending.
4. Lots of people die.
5. People go crazy.

Because of how great this book is, it deserves a four out of five. That is pretty high rating from me.


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