Sunday, April 21, 2013

Private Series By Kate Brian

Private Series By Kate Brian

Bitchy girls, yep. (Just look at the middle girl on the cover. Bitchy expression on that bitch's face.)
Rich girls, yeah.
Beautiful girl, definitively.
Manipulative, totally.
Death, every book I believe.
Joy, for a short amount of time.
Happy Ending, sort of.
One thing for sure: Lots of drama, kicked asses, and fights.

I hate this series! 

My advice is this: DON'T READ IT!!!!!!

1. plot holes
2. stupidity of the main character
3. silly spoil brats
4. pouty girls
5. not so hot guys
6. ugly sides of people
7. hatred of the main character
8. odd and weird twist

I totally and absolutely agreed with the cat. WHY???

The goal of this post is to prevent YOU from reading this shit.

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