Monday, April 8, 2013

Clockwork Princess By Cassandra Clare Review

Clockwork Princess is so OMG! I cried so much when I finished it. It was Niagara Falls! Figuratively, of course. 
Ahh! The cover is so beautiful. I love the background and the light. The grayish background goes nicely with the red-orange light.

Cassandra Clare's writing is usually flawless. This book however could have been edited a little further. Really, after this many books you published, you should be able to edit it a little more. Just a few more times and maybe I will be satisfied. 

The plot is just amazing. I love the twist and turns. I love the surprises here and there. I have to admit, some surprises were shocking even though I heard of some spoilers before I had read this book. 

The plot is perfectly paced, with excellent climaxes and solutions. Betrayal, love, war, blood, and stupidity were all fitted together like puzzle pieces. 

Humor is here. You'll laugh a little, cry a little, and then wipe the tears away. This book is a masterpiece, better actually (in my opinion) than any other books Ms. Clare has ever written. 

Tessa: Her usual self. She is still quoting books. (Miss. Corrector, I thought) She struggles to survive, yet also find the right guy. (Will or Jem) She is intelligent and attractive in character. If you love reading books, I think this character is perhaps the best one you can understand.

Will: I love Will. His humor. His tactics. His intelligence. You will love his poetry, no matter how horrible they are. His sarcasm is so endearing and cute. He truly loves his sister and brother and his love ones. I think his sarcasm and humor are the highlights in this book. I love the romance and chemistry between Tessa and him. It's shocking to realized that Jem doesn't know about him and Tessa.

Jem: Jem and Tessa are engaged in the beginning of the book. This status will change, unfortunately. (I would not reveal which boy I am rooting for) Jem's kindness shines in this book. I love the love he has for Will, his parabatai. Jem is kind and quiet. He is well loved by the Shadowhunters and servants at the London Institute. He is also well respected.

Axel: The evil villian who cunning outwitted everyone including Will, Tessa, Jem, and basically every Shadowhunter. 

Consul Wayland: The only reason I put him here is because I want to express how much I hate this guy. I would flipped him off. And I don't like flipping people off.

Spoilers: Jem becomes a Silent Brother. (The one who insists on saving the Herondale line). Will proposes to Tessa. Tessa marries Will. They have kids. Will dies. Jem finds the cure after 133 years and in other words he found the cure in 2008. Jem and Tessa reunite. It is said they travel the world with each other.

The book deserves a five out of five. However, I think it could have done a little more editing so it deserves a four out of five. 

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