Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life Eternal By Yvonne Woon Review

Off-Topic: I always thought this author's last name was Wood until I looked it up. Google asked me if I was looking for Woon, not Wood. Whoops! Epic Fail!

Ahh! Very nice cover. Very beautiful. I love the blue, very much indeed. (It is me or the cover kind of corresponds to the main character's last name--winters?) 

In this sequel to Dead Beautiful, Rene Winters needs to find the secret that has been found by the Nine Sisters. To save Dante and herself, the secret may be the key to finding true happiness. Life Eternal is the fight between the undeads (no souls) and the Monitors on Rene's side. 

After nine days of being soulless, Rene is expected to turn into one of them. *Ahem* (Undead Children) Instead, her soul was returned by Dante and she continues living as a human for another day. Interestingly enough, part of her soul is in Dante. She receives these ominous flashes before the deaths of many Monitors. 

For example: Professor LaBardge dies.

Rene freaks out. She gets these odd visions and starts to pass out in classes. BTW, she switched schools because the previous school was determined too dangerous by her grandfather. So she is at this new school, rumors are flying everywhere about her and her "immortality." She isn't, but her fellow classmates think so.

At this new school, Rene is the best Monitor. After her, in second place, is this evil bitch who is determine to catch Rene doing something bad. The evil bitch is kind of like Draco Malfory. Which is true, other than the genders. Draco Malfoy and the Bitch with a capital B are both smart, intelligent, and determined to catch Harry (Rene) doing some mischief to their endless disappointment. 

Unlike the first book, there isn't much romance. Instead there is this oracle and some dead people and some odd dreams. Yes, Rene has gone officially paranoid. (Not exactly, though. I'm just exaggerating) 

This book goes on and on about the search for Life Eternal and the search for the Ninth Sister. She goes to play Scavenger's Hunt like Dante. *Yawn*


1. Mike dies.
2. They find the chest.
3. Dante still love her.
4. Mike loves her.
5. There's trouble in paradise, but it's resolved.
6. This books sounds like Twilight. (Que to Puke)
7. More people die.
8. Cliffhanger in the end.

This book deserves a three out of five for its similarities to Twilight. 

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