Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scarlet By Marissa Meyer Review

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer is one of the most exciting, thrilling book I've ever read. There was some flaws, yes; but i overlook them because of how purely awesome this book it.

Scarlet- one of those badass heroine who is a "attack now, ask questions later" type of persons. She carries a gun! She is an alpha. She is brave. She is loyal to the people she loves. Wolf, you don't count until later in the book. Maybe the last 2 chapters? She loves her Grandmother dearly. She was willing to listen to someone (Wolf) who might be the enemy.

"Biting her lip, she reached forward, pulling his fingers away from the can. She found that the label had been shredded beneath his mindless fidgeting, 'Wolf, are you asking me to be... your alpha female?'
He hesitated...
'Alpha female.' he murmured. 'I sort of like that.'"

Wolf- ohhh! He is hot. Yeah, I know you might be rolling your eyes at this, but truly is he. It helps if you read "The Queen's Army" although it is not required. Wolf is The Alpha Wolf. He is an animal and a beast. Even though others may seem to see him as an vicious animal, he cares about Scarlet. It is obvious that he care if not love Scarlet.

"...with hair stuck out every direction in messy clumps...His eyes were unnaturally green..."

Cinder- ahhh! Cinder is back. Her usual self has appeared. I love Cinder. I love how her character changes. I feel like she was unsure about her motives until the very end. I love her determination.

Kai- Poor Kai! All that pressure from those (attacks) and other nations. Don't forget about that Lunatic Queen Bitch. In the end, I wanted to murder Kai. He PROPOSED to the EVIL QUEEN. Kai, I'm so disappointed in you. That was the one thing Cinder told you to not do.

Thorne- I mean, Captain Thorne. I love his attitude. He lights up a dark mood. All those little comments are just hilarious. He is a jester. He is just amazing. I love his character. I love his actions. This is one character I look forward to seeing in the next book.

And those are the 5 major characters.

Summary:(Didn't finish yet)
Alrightly here.

Scarlet and Wolf's path:
We start off with Scarlet trying know where is her missing Grandmother. She meets this mysterious person named Wolf.
Scarlet's father was kidnapped by some unknown assailants. Her father was trying to find something his mother hidden. Her father manage to describe his kidnappers to Scarlet.
Scarlet later went to a arena to see Wolf because she thinks Wolf might have something to do with those kidnappers. Wolf was fighting against Hunter. He was about to kill Hunter, but was distracted by Scarlet. The police came and chaos erupted.
Wolf decided to help Scarlet. They head off to Paris, France. Wolf had a run in with his brother and they fight.
They eventually make it to Paris. Wolf leads Scarlet into a trap. Scarlet is captured and Wolf is a hero to the Lunars. Scarlet is tricked into revealing some secrets that the Lunar already knew about.
Scarlet is upset at Wolf because he betrayed her. Wolf gave her a chip which got her out. She finds her Grandmother, but her grandmother dies. A fight breaks out between Ran and Scarlet because Ran found her with her grandmother. Wolf comes to her rescue. And then he gets shot by Cinder. Wolf passes out for a while. Cinder, Thorne, and Scarlet get Wolf onto the spaceship. A fight breaks out again. Cinder manage to control one of the thaumaturge, but she is about to pass out. Scarlet shoots the leader with a shotgun she found on the ship. And they take off into space.
Scarlet and Cinder get into a fight. Captain Thorne finds out the truth about Cinder and Princess Selene. Cinder finds her path.

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