Friday, April 5, 2013

Endlessly By Kiersten White

Cover is so beautiful. I love the purple!

Let's start with the plot. The plot sucks. (Sorry, Ms. White) I felt that her quests were too easily solved/completed. Seriously, the conflicts weren't much  of a conflict. To me, they seem to be annoying flies. I don't know how this book is bestsellers.

I tried really hard to like this one. I liked the previous two books--but this one? Ugh! It was dreadful. It wasn't as bad as Private Series by Kate Brian. I couldn't hook into it. The last two books had a spark. Where is the spark in this book?

This book is my personal torture device. One of the reasons why I read this book was because I wanted to know the ending of this trilogy so badly. 


Evie-She annoyed me so much that I considered ripping the book apart. (The only thing that stopped me was that it was a library book.) I don't recall her being this annoying. You know those dumb blonde jokes? Evie seem to somehow be even blonder. Evie is brave, only when her love ones are involve. She is sympathetic to the humans in the Dark Queen's Realm. 

Lend-hot as usual. It annoys me on how hot boys are in the book worlds, but that not here. Guys these days? Pff! I would stick my nose in books. Guys these days are so immature. Anyway, Lend is amazing. (Why can't you be my boyfriend?)  He is a perfect gentleman. I love how he sacrifice himself for someone he loves. 

Reth-the faery bad boy, right? He is still a bad boy. In my opinion, the way he deals with his love for Evie is just stupid. (When she finds someone she loves with all her heart, you move on, Reth!) Reth is homesick in this book. And he is probably the person--er feary--who know Evie the best. 

Jack-Jack is amazing. His charming, silly, young-boy attitude takes the seriousness down a notch. He was the other reason I kept on reading this book. 

Spoilers Ahead!

David and Raquel- Interesting match. Double date with Evie and Lend coming right up, although I hope not. That's all I could say. 

Vivan-Yay. She wakes up. I was praying throughout the end of the book that she wouldn't go all psycho. She almost did. She later goes to the Feary World to seal the Gate/Portal. 

Arianna-I was so sad to see her leave the human world. She was a good friend to Evie.

To my view, this book deserves a 1 out of 5. But I liked the ending so I will give it a 2 out of 5. And that is me being nice. 

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