Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Prime Minister's Daughter by William Manchee Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"A young adult novel about Kevin Wells, a Texas high school student, who has a chance encounter with the daughter of the Prime Minister of Trinidad-Tobago, Kiran Shah, and thinks he is in love. He knows there is no hope for such a long distance relationship but can't shake the feeling that Kiran is his soul mate. Much to his surprise and delight, however, Kiran is jolted back into his life due to a shocking and dangerous turn of events."

Okay. Okay. Can I just say this one thing? The cover looks so wrong when you look at from the distance. I swear I thought she was... Yeah, let's not go there.  

Other than the slight problem with the cover, The Prime Minister's Daughter is quite...let's just simply say, not for children. There's a lot of inappropriate material that will not be considered suitable by an adult. (Now I'm sounding like a walking, talking, movie trailer). Just know that when an eighteen year old virgin boy starts talking about doing it, it's going to get dirty fast. Whether in his daydreams or...

It's an excellent conflict. An American high school student saved a foreign official from an assassin's bullet. The student nearly dies, but was treated just in time, on the brink of death. Twist: The assassin has an entire organization behind him, called the... (can't remember acronyms very well). He must juggled fame, assassins and hitmans, along with two beautiful women who may have a liking to him. Reminds me of James Bond, without the kicking. 

I wished that the writing could had held up the plot and conflict. Sometimes it was falling apart to be put back together by the author. I didn't really connect to the book, unlike many other books. I frequently felt lost and unable to piece together the events. The plot is like cookie crumbs that is glued together by the writing to make a cookie cake. (Have you ever baked one? I don't think it exist.) 

An excellent ending I must say. Ho. Ho. Ho. (Please think this with an old man's voice. Old man meaning Santa Claus with a mix of Albus Dumbledore and Alfred from Batman. I'm in the mood for an early Christmas). 

Kevin Wells is a fairly unpredictable character. But to think about it, he's kind of cute and boys are certainly another species. If you were a guy, I'll ask this question. Are girls unpredictable? Or are we predictable... I hope not. Anyway, Kevin Wells is kind of a character where you go "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Why did you do that?" 

Rating: Three out of Five

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