Thursday, October 10, 2013

L'Landra's Tale: Riding The Storm Out by Leandra Martin Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"The storm is coming and they must ride it out.
It has been three years since the last devastating battle with the Krall. The base is complete and thriving, and the civilians have begun building new homes around the base. All is quiet and, as far as they know, there is finally peace.
But an arriving stranger throws the base into upheaval. Along with a derelict ship, an unknown disease, and the threat of a zealot general who could possibly be greater than the Krall ever were, L’Landra must fight her way out of imprisonment and race against the clock to prepare her base for yet another war. One that could be their last.
Together with the help of friends and family, she fights for her people and freedom from tyranny, in a raucous ride over one obstacle then another. What will they find on the ship? What ills will they suffer at the hands of yet another group who want to dominate them? And will they survive another war without losses too great to come back from? Join L’Landra and her people as they battle the storm that’s coming and fight their way to true freedom."

The cover of Riding The Storm Out is a major relief to me. Remember the covers of A New Day for the Dauntless and its sequel? Well, those are just plain horrible compare to this one. It's appealing (compared to the previous two books) and interesting (especially with the clones and starship in the background). (Sorry if I rush because I'm doing this review pretty fast and furious.) 

All the problems from the previous two novels appear again! The quickly written plot, the speedy events, the small mentions of the synopsis that isn't the main events happening within the book, the odd grammar errors, the mysterious history of humans (what happen to Earth?), and the small character developments. Yep they are all there. But there's addition problems that arises as the plot goes on. 

New Problems: I'm annoyed by how the plot goes. Not because of how fast-paced it is (although that is still annoying), but because of how ridiculous and annoying the situations the plot reveals. (Yeah, I blame the plot for going in the wrong direction, although it is partially the character's fault too, but sometimes plot moves character.) Oh, yeah, I'm kind of bored as the story goes on, because there is obviously parallel events. 

Character develop is as annoying. I'm not going to go into that, but know that it involves the spy, the main character, and some other people. 

Riding the Storm isn't that bad, from my POV. It's quite good (and bad), but there's some major changes that need to take place if it is to get any better than it is. 

The title is a bit odd, because the last book was named "Ghost, Present, and Future" and then the first book was named "L'Landra's Tale: A New Day For the Dauntless." So is the title of the second book going to change?

Rating: Two out of Five. 

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