Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ghosts, Past and Future by Leandra Martin Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads. (Sorry guys, I'm a bit behind on my reviews because there's a lot of them [lazy!]) 

"It is two and a half years since the last battle with the Krall. 
The Dauntless is put to rest, and the remaining civilians rebuild using the deserted Krall outpost. A new era has arrived, and L'Landra struggles to keep up with it all. Dalton is in her life. She wishes for a life forever with him, but a new man makes her unsure that he really is the one. Will she choose this new rogue or pick Dalton too late and lose him forever? Will she be able to find all the answers to her uncertain future?

Meanwhile, a ghost ship brings confusion, and Colicos and the Krall are back stronger than ever, with new secrets yet to reveal. When L'Landra's ship goes down during battle and she disappears, the base is sent into a tail spin of uncertainty and chaos. Will they find L'Landra alive? Will they be able to fight off the Krall and their new technology? Or will they surrender themselves over to the enemy for good this time?"

Oh, the second book in this series. I find it slightly amusing that Ghost, Past, and Future is labeled as "finale" to this series. Truth is, this series is a trilogy unless there's a book I don't know about. 

Ghost, Past, and Future has a little more character development compared to the previous book. (I know, I'm out of order, but character development is all I can think about at this moment). L'Landra grows a bit, but I'm more focus on the love of her life, Dalton. Dalton, now that's a biggie. Okay, Dalton, first of all, is the biggest idiot in the entire galaxy. Even worse, he's arrogant and charming, all the horrible characteristic put in one person. (Okay, arrogant and charming can be quite hot, but not in this book). One, (ladies, please subtract points as you listen to negative traits) Dalton waited two freaking years to tell L'Landra you-know-what. Two, Dalton undergo this major character change that change his entire view on the world. Three, Dalton has the biggest ego that I've ever seen (other than movie James Bond with the ladies). Four, Dalton can't freaking admit his feelings to L'Landra (I know I'm saying this again, but this is big). 

I hate how the author gives us a new love interest only to be taken away close to the end of the book. Don't you hate how authors do that? 

I know I failed to mention this in the last review of this series, because I thought this thing wasn't a big deal, but it comes up again. I want to know where in the world am I when I'm reading this book. An alternate universe? Obviously, a different planet than Earth. Different galaxy? I don't like being lost as a reader. 

Ghosts, Past, and Future's plot is just as quick and fast as A New Day for the Dauntless (doesn't that remind you of Divergent?). There's still easy errors that can be fixed and the targeted audience needs to change. (Maybe the author can republish it under a different name and title and change it up a bit). Still, the foundation of A New Day for the Dauntless is solid ground for a sequel. 

Rating: Three out of Five

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