Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prom Nights from Hell By Meg Cabot, Stephanie Meyer, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Lauren Myracle Review

"In this exciting collection, bestselling authors Meg Cabot (How to Be Popular), Kim Harrison (A Fistful of Charms), Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), and Lauren Myracle (ttyl) take bad prom nights to a whole new level—a paranormally bad level. Wardrobe malfunctions and two left feet don't hold a candle to discovering your date is the Grim Reaper—and he isn't here to tell you how hot you look.

From angels fighting demons to a creepy take on getting what you wish for, these five stories will entertain better than any DJ in a bad tux. No corsage or limo rental necessary. Just good, scary fun."

Five stories from Hell. And yes, some of these are worse than others. 

Meg Cabot's short story about killing vampires or something like that is a good strong beginning of Prom Nights from Hell. And we will need it because of the not-so-wonderful stories in the ending of Prom Night from Hell. It's a wonderfully written short story that brings laughter and joy to my face. It still has Meg Cabot's funny tone and level of excitement. 

Then there's the corsage by Lauren Myracle. I believe that's the story with a huge theme of "Be Careful What You Wish For." (I'm not sure because I'm horrible with titles and authors, but good with timelines and story plots). It's the perfect tale to tell in the darkness of the moonlight and with a campfire group all around the speaker. 

Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper is one of those stories where you go "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS BOOK FREAKING TALKING ABOUT!?!" In other words, it's pretty much one of the worst books among the five already here. However, I hope there will be a continue story of this short story because I really want to know what will happen after. (So there are good levels of addiction in this short story). 

Kiss and Tell by Michele Jaffe is the least memorable of all five short stories. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember what exactly happened in this short book. What I do remember is how annoying and weird this book was. 

Then there's the Twilight number five...? Hell on Earth by Stephanie Meyer is just as annoying as ever. Hell on Earth is still Twilight to me. Without the annoying SAT words. (Now this is the part where I start making fun of this book). Hell on Earth is the cheesiest book I've ever read. Damn it! A demon doesn't stop making trouble after staring into beautiful good eyes of some half-breed of a freaking turned/possibly fallen angel. Hell on Earth is completely illogical. 

Rating: Two out of Five

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