Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Torn by K.A. Robinson Review

I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.

"Chloe hasn't had the best life. With a mother who is gone more often than not, she has had to raise herself. After graduating high school, she leaves to start a new life away at West Virginia University with her best friends Amber and Logan, determined to leave her demons in the past. 

On her first day, she meets a stranger who takes her breath away at first sight. Until she met Drake, no one had ever sparked her interest. Now this tattooed and pierced bad boy is all she can think about, no matter how hard she fights it.

Falling for Drake was never part of her plans, but when it happens, things seem to do anything but fall into place.

Dealing with a tragic past, Drake has never cared about anyone else but himself and his band. But when Chloe takes the empty seat next to him in class, things start to change. Instantly drawn to her, he begins to wonder if one girl can take a cold hearted womanizer and change every part of him?

Long hidden feelings are revealed and friendships tested to the brink."

This will be a short review. (Because of how much I despise this book and the little time I left.)

I don't know how people can read this book. I don't know how this book is perfect. Is it me or I'm the only person who wants to gag after reading this book? I hope it isn't just me cause that will be sad. 

Torn is an okay book. I don't like; but it's not the worse of the worse I've read before. (Other than the fact I want to gag and puke and gag some more.) I don't understand. Again, why do people like this book so much? Why? Why? WHY? This question is killing me. 

Torn's plot is good and wonderful; I don't really care very much about it. Then again, I don't care about plots unless they have terrible plot holes. Minor ones, I'll let them go, but major ones, well, they aren't as lucky. (Whatever. I don't care, says my subconscious.) The writing is addicting. That's a good part of Torn because I never manage to stop reading unless I really have to. 

The ending of Torn is awesome. The ending ends with a good cliffhanger that will all leave us interested for more.

Torn is a horrible book. I'll admit it. (The writing and ending and plot may be good, but I don't care.) I hate how the characters abuse drugs and alcohol to control themselves and get wild. I don't get it. Hopefully some of the readers won't have the wrong idea. (Especially the young ones. Oh yeah, I forgot. Torn is totally not recommended to thirteen year olds. That means this book isn't PG-13. I says, sixteen and up. Seventeen at the oldest.)


I don't know what Drake sees in Chloe. He's hot. He's in a Rock n Roll band. (Someone give me a fan!) I don't know why, but he reminds me of Patch from Hush, Hush.

Chloe, now there's an idiot. I don't like her. She definitely deserves a slap in the face. No, not just a slap, a few punches as well. (In the mouth, in the nose, and in the stomach.) She can't see things that are in front of her very well. What a disappointing character.

Rating: Two out of Five

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